Change Management
Genre: Management

Assessment task 2 requires the writing of an academic essay. This essay should be an ‘argumentative essay’, and must therefore contain an argument that is used as the structuring element of the paper. The assignment is based on a case study that describes the impact of leadership styles and change management on business activities. The purpose of the essay is to identify the roles of change in organisational leadership and other challenges in managing dynamic organisations. Students are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature relating to organisational leadership, styles of change management and appropriate leadership style.

About the Book

Change Management

Leadership has many meanings and can be defined in many different ways. Leadership is one of the key aspects within any organizations which gives the organization a character and structure.Leadership is a virtue by which people provide a vision and a mission for the organization which is used to formulate the future roadmaps. Leadership brings to mind people like Steve Jobs, who single handedly championed Apple Inc., and led it to dizzying heights, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world. He is a classic example of leadership with respect to giving a path for the future and giving the organization a character. Apple is synonymous with Jobs and vice-versa. That is leadership. In the case study, I will be analyzing the leadership of Marius Kloppers as the CEO of BHP Billiton. The argument that I am trying to make is that Marius has, through multiple roles and ways, established a change of thinking and structure at BHP Billiton. That he has achieved the merger with Rio in Australia is known to everybody, but I will also be focusing on his interpersonal skills and his approach to management to throw light on the successful and effective leadership that he has bought about at BHP.

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