Change Management
Genre: Management

Your essay should appropriately cite theoretical models and research findings presented in the unit to date that support your argument. Answers that simply reflect opinion and that do not draw on the accumulated body of scientific knowledge on managing organizational change and development will not be rewarded.

About the Book

Organizational development

We are going to tell you the organizational development of change management.Organizational development can be termed as the ways that an organization adopts in order to change management with an intention to develop a competitive advantage. Different organizations take the way of organizational development by the adequate utilization of various theories and technologies relating to behavioral science that helps them in enhancement of their effectiveness as various changes are implemented. Organizational development acts as a tool that helps in supporting the organization to implement the changes that are considered beneficial for the organization which can be individual development or developing the performance of the whole organization.

The process of change management benefits a business in many ways , the importance of change management in a business can be regarded as the assistance it extends to a business in the form of enabling a business to meet the increased demand for prompt decision making, it also extends support to a business in extending the use of different forms of technology in the business, every business is required to adopt the changes occurring rapidly around the business and it is also required to meet the demand of globalization and organizational development can be termed as the most efficient tool to provide support to the organization in this regards (Cheung-Judge and Holbeche, 2011).

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