Case Study: Patient Suffering From Neck Fracture
Genre: General Awareness
Publication Year: 2013

The report is based on a case study of a patient who has neck fracture, complex in nature and he was brought in by a emergency ambulance in a hospital.

About the Book


Case study selected for this assignment is case study 1 which provides information about a 78 year old male who is living with his 82 year old wife residing in a veteran’s affair home care package. He is suffering from a facture of left neck of femur from a fall at home. His fracture is complex in nature and he was brought in by a emergency ambulance 14 hours earlier in hospital. His primary observations made by emergency personnel’s were excessive loss of blood due to trauma and he was unconscious at that time.

His present clinical signs and symptoms include heart rate of 98 beats per minute, respiratory rate 22 per minute which is elevated than normal, pale skin and swelling on the left quadrant of the body. It is also observed in patient that there is a external signs of bruising and redness and left leg is slightly elevated as well in comparison to right leg. On admission patient was unconscious and facing problem with breathing in a normal manner. To manage such situation patient is provided with a CPAP machine. Patient is also provided with other assisting devices like central venous catheter, arterial line in situ, skin turgour for poor and fragile skin and an indwelling catheter line was also inserted in patient. Patient’s chest was clear on examination and his abdomen was soft with swelling.

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