Case Study – On Campus Study
Genre: General Awareness

identify and discuss one disadvantage of on-campus study, and one disadvantage of off-campus study. ?

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On Campus Study And Its Utility

This mode of study means that students have to go to university and attend the lectures in order to complete a course. Students are delivered lectures face to face by professors by means of presentations, text books and other study material. The students are also supposed to submit their assignment and hand it over to the professors in hand. This type of study is considered better for full time students and professors prefer that the students should go for On Campus study as far as possible as it helps to have a better understanding of the subject due to personal and face to face interaction with the professor and the other students. For example if one student faces a difficulty in understanding a particular subject , he can instantaneously reach out to his professor and get the concept cleared for himself. The opportunity for interaction not only improves the knowledge on subject but also improves interpersonal behavior (Phillips et al. 2004).  In On Campus mode of study, the students can also make groups with other students and help each other in study and other activities. Thus the students get regular motivation from professors and the other students to study and complete the other tasks associated with completing a course. The On Campus study helps students to remain focused on their academics and there are fewer chances for them to get distracted. It is preferred that full time students of a course must go through on campus study due to these factors

Major Disadvantage Of On Campus Study

Nowadays students have been looking for such modes of study where they don’t have to spend these much resources on completing a course which On Campus study requires. For example, the students have to adjust their schedule according to the lecture timings and there is no flexibility for the students to invest their time anywhere on some other productive things. The On Campus mode of study is also more costly as the students have to not only pay the fees for attending lectures which is generally more than Off Campus mode of study but also if the students are not staying in the campus, have to pay a lot of money on commutation as well. This is the main disadvantage of On Campus mode of study as it requires a lot of investment of resources like time and money (Palmer & Holt, 2009).

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