Case Study – Fletcher Jones And Continental Airlines
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Case Study – Fletcher Jones And Continental Airlines


In this assignment a student is required to identify and understand the basic leadership qualities and shown by the leaders of organization continental airlines and Fletcher Jones. Further a comparative evaluation of leadership qualities would be done for both organizations’ leaders and then as per the leadership practices followed by the leaders a conclusion would be provided.  In each case study i.e. continental airlines and Fletcher Jones different types of leadership management approaches and their practical application has been demonstrated along with their impacts and results on the organizational processes. In this case study it is also shown through the situation of both organizations that how can a company like continental airlines which was about to be doomed survived while another organization which was rock solid and highly competitive during its peak slipped from its places and due to improper leadership qualities and intervention was never able to turnaround.  In both case studies it can be easily observed that difference in leadership practices was not in their execution style or application but difference was on a fundamental level. Continental Airline’s leader both Greg and Gordon had confidence in their ability and they develop similar trust and dedication in all employees of airlines while Fletcher Jones’s Leaders and top management were over confident about their position, brand value and market strength and made the critical mistake of underestimating the competitors (Montana, et al. 2008).

Competing Values Framework(CVF)

According to Goffee (2000), the Druker’s theory of Business is a vital tool in this case as it emphasizes on the fact that an organization will develop on its strengths and improvise on its weaknesses by identifying the values and behavior of its customers and competitors.

 Continental Airlines

When it comes to business, current implementation holds no base unless it is justified by winning over the previous errors. This will happen only when a manager has strategized how to bridge the gap between the actual and the desired as well as understood the key improvement areas. In this case, The Competing Values framework from Quinn has been a blessing for managers as it not only helps him identify the areas which need correction but also how the functions in an organization gel together to provide desired results.

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