Case Study – Alcan Inc
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Write Case Study of Alcan Inc which is one of the leaders in aluminium manufacturing in Australia .write case study of near about 1500 words ?

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Case Study – Alcan Inc


Alcan Inc is one of the leaders in the aluminum manufacturing in Australia after their merger and it has been a decision that the company has taken a decision that they will try to reduce the number of accidents that takes place in the plant thus ensuring better safety to the people who are working in the factory. They have started out the process of testing the plan by having people divided into two teams in which they had to act as competing firms and had to take major decisions on how the companies would have behaved under certain situations. This was first tested in a pilot group and then when it became a success they have adopted the same in other regions also and they have found that this has actually brought down the rates of the accidents that are happening in the work place by almost 25%. The plan was successful amongst the employees mainly because of the fact that it was participative in nature and at the same time this has resulted in the team bonding together and understanding various issues that are associated with the same.

Success factors of Alcans Training Program

The training program was initially just among two teams and the top officials thought that they would implement the same in case they find it successful. Some of the most important factors that attributed to the success of the same has been that they have tried out in making sure that the actual business scenarios have been simulated and at the same time this would also have helped the employees in facing the real life situations and understand why certain decisions are because they have to be considering all the factors rather than just looking at a certain aspect only (Jenkins and Goetz, 1999). People have been made to act in various roles where in they were made to take tough and challenging decisions and they understood various resource constraints that they have and hence take an informed decision under such situations. This practice has also helped the organization in making sure that the bonding between various teams have improved and at the same time they have started working well as a team that has improved the productivity of the employees.  The number of inter departmental conflicts also has come down considerably and at the same time people have started understanding the issues that the other department faces and hence they have started becoming more understanding about the same.

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