Case For Critical Analysis
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Write a Case Study about the Malard Manufacturing ?

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Case For Critical Analysis


This case is about an organization (Malard Manufacturing) which is into the business of producing control valves. The organization is currently suffering lots of problems like stiff competition from the rivals and losing deals to them and wants to correct this situation. The internal dynamics, the structure and its culture are the contributing factors to these problems and need to be addressed with priority. The organization now wants to bring product CV305 to the market in next 30 days which if not done, the organization will lose its customers to the rivals and thus make drastic changes in the way the organization works currently. Following section provides the analysis of the current situation and mentions the steps which the organization can take to correct the current situations.

Current structure and situation of the organization

One of the major reasons behind the difficulties being faced by Malard Manufacturing is the lack of balance between the vertical and horizontal structure of the organization. The different department heads are not willing to communicate within themselves and sort out the confusion and or any issues between different departments. This not only makes the decision making process longer but also makes the working environment unfriendly and not cordial. It is also mentioned in the case that the department heads always turn to executive vice president in case of any doubt or problems which further shows that the culture of the organizational communication is more vertical and less horizontal (Stein 2002, pp.1891-1921). Instead the department heads should be first reaching out to other department heads in cases where the input from different departments are required and hasten the complete product cycle which is the demand of the hour due to the stiff competition faced by Malard Manufacturing.

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