Case Analysis – Tucker Company
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Case Analysis – Tucker Company

The organizational structure of the Tucker Company was more of hierarchical one, with cross departmental or divisional functions as well for the company. (Manz, C., Shipper, F., & Steward, G. 2009) Each of the divisions was headed by a Vice President who reported directly to the CEO who in turn was at the helm of the company. The Test Laboratory was a department of the Military Jet Engines division.

Though the test laboratory performed functions across all the divisions, the basic reason for it to be in the Military Jet Engines division would be the amount of research going into the Military Jet Engines division. Normally the military jets and even other equipments are incorporated into the use after many tests establishing the credibility of the item. Also, many a times the army demands goods and products of highly sophisticated nature. Hence, it was important to support the Military Jet Engines division directly with a testing laboratory. However, it was prudent to make use of the same test lab for other divisions as well, since not using it for other divisions and departments would mean an under utilization of the lab facilities and the staffs.

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The Conflict Between Hodge And Franklin

 Hodge, the department head of the Test Lab and Franklin, the departmental head of the Engineering department of the Utility Turbine division were at loggerheads over the prioritization of the tests to be performed for the Engineering department of the Utility Turbine Division and the extent of involvement of Mr. Hodge in the design of the experiments, the selection of the materials and subsequent evaluations of the experiments.

To analyze the standoff between Mr. Franklin and Mr. Hodge, first we find out if there was a conflict at all. Mr. Hodge wanted to be more involved in the pre and post processes of the test experiments he was supposed to conduct. For example regarding the requests for tests he was getting from the Engineering department of the Utility Turbine division, Mr. Hodge not only wanted to be a part of the test scheduling and design but also in the selection of the material of the test and also wanted to be part of the design of the experiments and subsequent evaluation and analysis of the experimental data. Mr. Hodge strongly felt that the laboratory should be more involved on a similar line across all the departments and divisions alike. Also, Mr. Hodge was o a view that if the laboratory were more involved in the designing of the experiments et al, it would be better placed to prioritize and schedule the experiments/tests.

However, Mr. Franklin did not want the test laboratory to be involved in what he considered to be the exclusive functionalities of his department and only wanted the experiments designed by his department to be conducted in the test laboratory and the results to be sent across. Mr. Franklin was also agitated by the fact that these issues had never emerged during the reigns of Mr. Garfield and almost all his tests were conducted by due priorities.


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