Case Analysis – Pharma International
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Should the Pharma International (PHI) management committee approve the development and launch of Fevex? What might be the arguments for & against Fevex. You may need to consider incorporating commercial, policy, and ethical criteria in your analysis.

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Case Analysis – Pharma International

 Pharma International (PHI) handles the third world pharmaceutical operations of CIBA-GEIGY, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The Nigeria division of PHI, known as Pharma- Nigeria has come up with the proposal of launching a new drug in the Nigerian market to treat malaria. This would be a variant of chloroquine which has been traditionally used to treat malaria. However the benefit of this drug would be that it would be in the form of a capsule and would not have the bitter taste of chloroquine.

Self-Medication against malaria is extensively used in the third world despite the warnings given by health authorities. As a result drug overdose poses a huge threat in these countries. Since these drugs are available as OTC products, anybody can go to the pharmacist and buy these drugs even without the prescription of the doctor. There are many brands available as loose tablets for curing malaria, which the poor people prefer to buy. They buy it in smaller quantities depending on what they can afford and not as a full treatment pack. Moreover in these countries, the doctors also don’t provide full treatment in the initial visit, so that they can charge the patient more on subsequent visits. Free medication is available in the state hospitals, however they are mostly over worked and don’t have the capability to provide proper treatment to all the patients coming to them. Because of these reasons, some 40% -50% of the Nigerians remain untreated for malaria which results in fatal circumstances like liver or kidney damage.

If the management committee of Pharma Nigeria has decided to go ahead with the launch of the Fevex capsules that would be another addition to the long list of anti- malarial OTC drugs available in the market. Also the drugs presented as capsules where highly regarded in the market because of the recent drugs that had been launched in a capsulated form and had a dramatic impact.

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