Case Analysis On Pumpkin Patch
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Write Case Analysis Report On Pumpkin Patch of near about 2500 words ?

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Pumpkin Patch


Pumpkin Patch is an organization which is into business of children wear. Pumpkin Patch was established in 1990 in New Zealand and since then has expanded into other countries including Australia, UK and USA by the end of 2005. The organization has established itself as a brand which is known for great designs, large range, good quality and reasonable price of products. Though Pumpkin Patch is a small player if compared to major established players in the business but these features have helped grow at a high rate for all these years.  In order to understand the organization, it’s functioning and the factors leading to it in a better way, this report will try to analyze its external environment, its internal environment, its current strategy. On the basis of the analysis finally the recommendations will be provided which can help it grow further in future.

External Analysis

The organization is basically into apparel industry but the organization majorly caters to a specific set of customers (children). Thus on more microscopic level, Pumpkin Patch is a part of children wear industry. The industry has been rapidly growing all these years and thus has been attractive to the players in this industry.

It is also important to understand the general environment in which the industry works. The economic conditions in 2005 are pretty good which suggest that the industry will see a healthy demand from the customers in coming years and thus the industry will see observe a healthy growth rate in coming future. The global conditions in 2005 suggest that the globalization is further going to increase in the world which presents a very good opportunity for the players of the industry to expand in new markets and increase their revenue as well as profits. The technological conditions tell that though the conventional retail sales are preferred by the customers, the organizations are moving towards online sale as it is easier to maintain the catalogs and cater to the demands of customers who are in remote locations. From the political and legal conditions it can be seen that the import duties are going down in many countries which are helpful for those players of the industry which are not present in these countries but export their products and thus expand their market (Thomas 2006, pp. 13-14). From demographic point of view, the future of children wear industry is not very bright in developed countries in long term, where the average age of population is higher than the emerging economies and this population is soon going to mature. Thus the industry has more opportunities demographically in emerging economies in long term.

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