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Purpose of assignment: University study is essential for many jobs but it is not the only thing that students need to do in order to be employable. While degrees are very important, you also need to “personalise” your degree and experience in order for you to get the job of your dreams. To assist you to determine what jobs might interest you and help you prepare for the job you desire, you will be preparing a career portfolio.

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Career portfolio


Tourism is a multi – billion dollars industry and it is continuously turning out to be the largest services export industry. Millions of people are directly engaged in this industry and thus, it plays a key role in regional development and local employment. Bonnet, G., Phelan, K. and Jones, B., (1994) asserts that, the challenges are unique as compared to other industry as it includes – Value for money and declining productivity. But this could be balanced with the opportunities available such as – Unique natural assets available within a nation, indigenous culture, and the growing E – Commerce which can directly help in promoting the tourism industry. Thus, it is one of the fastest growing industries which can help directly in boosting the economy of the nation.

This report includes what are the current trends in the tourism and hospitality industry, especially, that of in Australia. It also talks about different employment opportunities available in the marketplace of this industry. Also, it shows where particularly, the jobs related to this industry are advertised, so that, it is easy for those people who want to build their career in this industry. On a concluding note, an ideal job description based on the requirements of the tourism industry is mentioned in the report.

Current Trends In The Tourism And Hospitality job MarketPlace

Carter, P. and Collins, D., (2005), proclaim that, to ensure the growth of Tourism Industry, from the strategic perspective, six key areas need to be focused upon. They are – growing demand of tourism by all means, build digital capability, encourage investments in this industry, ensure that logistics availability supports the growth of this industry, increase employment levels & also encourage their participation, and build industry buoyancy, productivity and superiority. All the stakeholders – tourism operators, industry bodies, working groups, and state & territory governments are actively participating in order to ensure growth of this industry.

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