Buyer Behaviour
Genre: General Awareness

The Consumer Journal Report requires you to analyse the internal and external factors influencing the consumer decision-making process for a major purchase – e.g. a car or a holiday.

About the Book


In Buyer Behaviour assignment we understand about decision making of customers.If we know about the Buyer Behaviour of the person standing in front of you than you can easily handle that know about buyer behaviour also plays a key role in business.The customer decision making is a very much complex process which has multiple stages which has influences from Internal Factors like Perception, Learning, Motivation, Personality Factors as well as Attitude related pointers. Also, factors which are external in nature like Group influences play an important role in every stage of decision making like from problem recognition to post purchase activities. This report is about my decision of buying a mobile phone (Brink & Berndt 2009).

Every customer has different needs in their personal lives as well as for fulfilling them they make different decisions. These decisions can be complex depending on the customer’s opinion about a particular product, evaluating as well as comparing, selecting as well as purchasing among the different types of products. Therefore, this report is about how a customer like me works on understanding as well as realizing the major points in the process of customer decision making for buying a smart phone which is being assisted by utilizing the theories in practice. In this report, we will analyze the different internal as well as external factors influencing my personal decision-making process for buying a smart phone which will also include the demonstration of my understanding of which theories were at play in this purchase situation (Kacen and Lee 2002).

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