Business Process Management
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Your task is to prepare a preliminary business report for Ben. Ben has an in-house style which he expects for business reports.

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Business Process Management

BPM And Strategy

 Ben Omnicron, a firm backed by excellent product and technological and product innovation should see a high and sustainable growth for years now. However, the reported customer complaints and grievances regarding meeting the time schedule in making the delivery are clearly a matter of concern especially for a firm so young and such a niche area of product offering. The industry wise product differentiation may have driven the growth for Ben Omnicron for initial years but justifiably it has seen a slump in recent years with worldwide economic recession coupled by the delay in making the deliveries which would definitely hamper the brand image.

Business Process Management is a holistic approach towards managing the business processes and the employees’ responses to various business activities which streamlines all the business processes in order to achieve efficiency and get its act together. Most of the changes imparted by technology or management processes, work towards an incremental improvement in the overall efficiency of the business. However, getting at the very fundamental level, Business Process Management refers to the optimization of the various business processes, which can itself be described as a series of singular value added activities performed by designated individuals or teams to achieve a common goal in terms of efficiency and end product. In other words, a business process can be described as complete chain of parallel and chronological set of activities performed in order to complete the entire business cycle. Business Process Management helps at improving each and every step of this complex series of events resulting in the final outcome of the product in the most efficient manner possible. (Dustdar, S. et al. 2008)

Business Process Management works in continuity with other plans and process in place in order to improve the system. Generally Business Process Management activities can itself be categorized in several sets of activities like (Ko, R.K.L. et al. 2009),

  • Vision: Visions means planning the functions and processes so to be in sync with the entire system and helping improve the overall business efficiency.
  • Define: Defining what should be the ideal process or in other words, what should be the final outcome after the business process management exercise has been carried out.
  • Modeling the change: This is also the stage where the gap fitment analysis is done. It is modeling the change on a much smaller scale. The processes to be implemented are simulated on a small level.
  • Analyzing the outcome of simulations to determine an optimal environment.
  • Improvement in the current system. After the pilot testing and simulations we build upon the current system.
  • Control: After the implementation of the optimal system has been done, the current system is evaluated and monitored in the actual run time environment. Several tools and user defined dashboards are used to keep a tab on the system and feed the intelligent data and outcome of this process back into the system for further optimization.
  • Re-engineering means re-vamping the process from the start.

BPM can help Ben to integrate all the departments of Ben Omicrons so that the information passes freely from one department to the other. This would ensure that there is no information lag between the various departments and they can take informative decisions based upon the status in other departments and plan their action well in time. (Grefen, P et al. 2009)

Technology alone is not able to help today’s businesses especially in complex business environment which the corporate faces today. Hence it is important to adopt a process like business process management which not only works on technology but also looks into improving through optimization of each and every processes involved in the complete business cycle.

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