Business Law
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The following criteria will be applied in the assessment of this assignment:(a) identification and understanding of the relevant legal issues;(b) application of the legal issues to the facts and the formulation of legal arguments;(c) general presentation, expression and logical development of the answer;(d) attention to style, setting out, spelling, grammar, correct citation of cases and legislation;(e) other relevant criteria.

About the Book

Business Law is the Law that refers to the Business related cases like business partnerships,contracts etc.

Relevant facts of the case:

Walter wanted to sell his car. He made an advertisement for the same stating that the price for the car is $11,000 or nearest offer. Clara, on 28th February made a phone call to Walter and said that she is interested to buy the car. After a week, Clara again called up to Walter. Walter made an offer of $10,000 in cash to Clara and submitted that she can accept the offer by paying for the same till 28th March. But he said that the offer must be accepted till 14th March by sending an email. But Clara submitted that she cannot pay the full amount by due date. Later she called on 13th March and aid that she is willing to buy the car. Later Harry called Walter on 10th March and submitted that he is willing to pay for the car @$11,000 cash and can pay the amount by 15th March. Walter confirmed the same.

The relevant legal issues are: the relevant issues are:

i) Is there a valid contract that exists amid Clara and Walter?

ii) Is there a valid contract that exists amid harry and Walter?

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