Business Information Systems
Genre: Internet

The assignment consists of two parts. In Part A you are asked to answer a number of questions and you are expected to provide fully researched and referenced answers.

About the Book

Part A: Answer the following questions:

• Question 1: What is the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0?

• Question 2: Define each of the following Web 2.0 usages: blogs; microblogs; wikis; social networks and networking. Include an example of each to support your answer.

• Question 3: Explain social collaboration; social publishing and social intelligence in the context of how they may be used by a business? Extend you answer and provide a single example of a collaborative Web 2.0 technology suitable for business information sharing.

• Question 4: Define crowdsourcing and what benefits does crowdsourcing provide? Give an example of crowdsourcing.

Part B:

Use the Toulmin’s Model of Argument to analyse the case study and provide your opinion on the strength or weakness of the argument with relation to the Claim that we have provided.

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