Business Ethics And CSR
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Should Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility reassure us that businesses are being managed in ways that benefit the whole of society?

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Business Ethics And CSR


In this essay, I am going to argue about the importance of business ethics and corporate social responsibility and its impact on the benefits of the society. I will search for the scholarly articles and journals which will help in developing a strong argument in support of ethics and corporate social responsibility which proves to be beneficial for the entire society. In this essay, I will start with clear definition of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. These are the issues which needs to be taken care by every organization and thus every manager should be aware of the importance of these priorities. I will put theories and experiences of various authors from different articles present on internet and thus these research articles will help in strengthening of the argument. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility are not only beneficial for the companies but it has direct impact on the society and also advancement of the natives of society suffering from the problems (Penslar, 1995). There are many examples around us and mentioned in the articles as well as scholarly journals which can be easily related to the benefits to the society because of the increases culture of conducting corporate social responsibilities as well as motivating ethical practices in company (Marye’, 2007). I will utilize several recent examples about the ethical and unethical behaviors demonstrated by companies practiced by them for business motive only as well as examples of corporate social responsibilities which helped many companies in improving their brand image as well as working for the benefits of the society. In fact now all the companies are compelled to do their part for the society and thus the condition of society is uplifting because of these practices. Thus in this essay we will concluded that management of the businesses are done and have to be done in a way which is beneficial for the whole society. Facts, experiences and analysis shared in this essay helps in developing the understanding of basic of the ethical practices as well as in-depth knowledge of corporate social responsibilities (Orend, 2000).

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