Business Environment
Genre: Business

Your task in this assignment is to demonstrate what you have learned from the board meetings that were conducted during Phase 3 (i.e. Strategy in Action) which is the final phase of the business simulation.

About the Book

Business Environment is the environment within which the business operates either it is an external factor or internal.All the external and internal factors affects the business.and all the internal and external factors comes under the Business Environment.

Executive Summary

Report analyzes the WRSX Company’s 2 board meeting and the various agenda discusses in the board meeting and presents the overview of parameters that has impacted the company’s scorecard. Every board meeting has different agenda being discussed in the meeting but as always is the case few parameters always outweigh other parameters and this has impact on company’s score card, non-finance performing indicators and share prices. During the board meeting 2, the two important parameters that has impacted the company score card are client churn out control and potential acquisition, which clearly guides management and company to focus on bringing the top line growth to company’s agenda. This had positive impact and did increase the share prices. Following this in third board meeting, the top line growth did show some phenomenal increase but the profitability took the big hit due to increase in the operational cost. The management discussed few agenda in the meeting and primary being outsourcing the central agency work and changing the organizational structure to meet the strategic goal. Both the factors brings uncertainty and doubt in the mind of shareholders hence the company witnessed dip in the share prices and company’s performance indicators. We believe company is trying to balance between short term as well as the long term goal of the company and is caught in between hence losing the focus.

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