Business Communication
Genre: Management

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About the Book

Business Communication


Businesses these days have become so dynamic that the managers have to be on top of things to make decisions and drive the business to success. Success of a manager lies in the fact that he is able to clearly communicate the goals to his employees and drive them to achieve the same with new ideas and initiatives. In this dynamic business environment the role of communication has become central and according to Porter “The success of any business lies in how effectively you are communicating to the employees and how well they are being driven to achieve the business goals”. Communication is defined as the exchange of ideas between he sender and the receiver through a medium. In case of business communication this would be more formal as compared to that of personal communication and hence the managers have to take that extra care while ensuring that the impact is created (Rodwel, 2005, pg 102).

Communication in a business context can be either internal or external. Internal communication is any communication that is being made to the internal stakeholders. This depends a lot on the culture of the company and the openness of the company in terms of employee participation. Any communication that the company makes with the external stakeholders needs utmost care as it portrays the image of the company, if it is not done with care this can result in a bad word of mouth and can seriously affect the brand image that they have built over years (Raily, 2005, pg7). This is the reason why most of the companies these days have started giving more importance to communication in business and there are communication forums that allows the employees to voice out their opinion.

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