Business Communication
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Read your chosen article carefully and answer the following five questions. Approximate word counts are provided as a guide to the amount of information required for each question.

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Business Communication

Business Communication is the communication between two or more than two persons within an organization that is process by those persons for the benefit of that organization.

Questions related to Business Communication are :-

Q 1. Using your own words, summarise the communication question, issue or problem investigated in this research study.

Q 2. Using your own words, summarise the research methodology used to investigate this question, issue or problem.

Q 3. Using your own words, summarise the findings of this study in relation to the communication question, issue or problem.

Q4. Is this article easy to read and understand? Using your own words, evaluate the article’s structure, writing style and language for communicative readability and provide two specific suggestions for how readability could be improved.

Q 5. What can business learn from this research study? Using your own words, discuss the specific practical implications of the study and its findings for real life crisis communication.

Ans 1) In this research study communication and information distribution process by using their  websites, of two different airlines is compared after the crisis of 9/11 terrorist attack. This comparison was done for the activities done between American airlines and united airlines till 3 weeks after the terrorist attack. This entire comparison is based on usage of crisis communication theory.

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