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We asked every class member questions to get to know each other. The aim of this activity was to find people that had similar beliefs and interests to me, and I spoke to about ten people in twenty minutes. This information was supposed to make it easier for us to form teams where everyone has much the same attitude toward team work and same goal about marks.

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Business Communication


In this assignment, I was asked to do speech analysis based on various parameters. I started by firstly watching to two speeches, one on them by Lt General David Morrison, Chief of Army, Australia and other speech by Barack Obama, who is the president of United States of America. I then worked on analyzing both of the speeches as per the various criterion which were given in the assignment. We worked on first focusing on the communication purpose so that we can round out the main idea. Once again I went through the speech and worked on what all major points have been made. We also need to figure out organisation of the speech which included introduction, sequencing, sign posts as well as conclusion. I also had to note down the delivery clarity which included parameters like volume, pitch, tone, pronunciation along with figuring down the delivery style and pace of both the speakers: e.g. level of formality, speaking style, pace, use of pauses as well as how nonverbal elements have been integrated e.g. eye contact, appearance, facial expressions, gestures, use of notes.


This assessment task helped me to increase my awareness and importance of the various elements as well as techniques which are needed to make effective speeches as well as presentations. This assignment was very helpful for preparing me for the compulsory team Oral Presentation assessment task which has been scheduled later in the trimester. I learnt how much necessary is Content and Communication and how we can main points around the main idea. I also learnt about the organisation of a defined speech and importance of concepts like Introduction, Sequencing, Signposts and Conclusion. I also needed how delivery clarity can be included using Volume, Pitch, Tone and Pronunciation. I also recognized how much delivery style and pace needs to be recognized for speaking style, Pace and successful placement of pauses. Also I learnt how much Appearance, Eye contact, Facial expression, Gestures as well use of notes play an important part in an effective speech.

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