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Business Analysis

Expectation Of An Employee From A Company

The basic expectation of employees from the company for which they work for is generally common. An employee needs a safe and secure working environment. He expects to be treated fairly and that no discrimination will be done on the basis of gender, color or age (Ulrich, 1996). He also expects a clear career path and opportunities to grow within the organization. Some employees also expect challenges in work environment to keep them engaged in what they are doing. There is also an expectation of financial and job security which gives them piece of mind. Some researchers also emphasize on the sense of ownership by the employees, that is if the employees considers the organization to be their own, he will be more satisfied and productive in working for it (Conaty and Charan, 2011).

Elements Of A Good Website

As we mentioned above a website is company’s first point of contact to its customers, suppliers and even potential employees, so the first and most important ingredient of a good website will be its presentation. The layout, content, color scheme should be in such a way that it is coherent and complementary to each other. The combined effect of the entire above element should give a feel of completeness(Hudson, 2006). There is also a difference between product website and corporate website both cater to different audiences. A product website should have the entire marketing elements linked to it. It should be more about attracting the customers and should be very interactive and dynamic in nature. Product websites can have videos and sound, it should display key product features and show attractive pictures of the product as well at the same time should be easy to load and navigate. However a corporate website should be heavier on the information side. It should be comprehensive and should have detailed information related to financials. It should also have a separate section on investor’s relations where a potential investor can get hold of all the necessary information regarding the company. There should be a page where top management philosophy, mission and vision of the company should be clearly specified.

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