Brand Exploratory
Genre: General Awareness

The brand exploratory is all about what the consumers think of the brand. This is a research
activity designed to identify potential sources of brand equity (frequently using the CBBE model). Limit your group’s insight and reflections on the brand exploratory part of the project to secondary sources of information only. You are not required to conduct primary surveys of consumers for the brand exploratory section.

About the Book

Brand Exploratory


Camper has been seen as one remarkable shoe brand which is best known for its design. Their laceups,Ballerina shoes, sandals as well as boots are in demand for their novel designs. Caper designs are adding value, identity strengthening as well as communication with its customers. Camper communicates his brand meaning by new means of experiencing life. We have tried to use CBBE (Consumer based brand equity model) by Keller and Devay for brand exploration to find how consumers take up in their minds about the brand. So, this can be used to know how strong a brand is Camper and how they can build a very strong Camper brand. Camper is trying to keep a relationship with its customers at maximum loyalty levels. They are trying to satisfy the needs of customers so that the loyalty is increased and profits are benefitted. This will also help them to differentiate from their competitors (Keller 1990).


Brand identity for Camper comes up from the responsibility of Camper to create differentiable brand from its competitors having unique characteristics. This tells out how camper wants to identify itself in the hugely competitive market. Camper has communicated its novel design identity using its branding and marketing campaigns. Camper is unique in its identity in these parameters (Susan 1996).


Brand Salience of Camper talks about how Camper is noticed or talked whenever any customer in thinking of buying shoes. Camper is a strong brand in the market it is present which helps us explain why Camper is thought as a premium brand otherwise smaller brands go unnoticed while buying decisions are made.


Brand Meaning of Camper brand talks about the holistic overview on how its own customers create meaning of its brand. Camper as a brand is present in both conscious as well as unconscious elements which had connected it with its products and brands. This leads customers to better appreciate what camper means to them while buying shoes (Lynn, Basil and Sukhdial 1988).

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