Brand Awareness Research – Subway
Genre: General Awareness

A 2500 word final report based on your research proposal should be a high quality presentation of what you have found from your secondary research into the topic.

About the Book

Brand Awareness Research


Subway was established by Doctor’s Associates Inc in year 1965 with the aim of developing fast food chain for healthy nutritional food. Sub way has recorded its name among the fastest growing fast food chain among the different parts of the world and at present Sub way has more than 32057 restaurants in more than 91 countries around the world (Ian, 2006). The brand line for Sub way is “Eat Fresh”and lack of brand awareness is one of the prime issues for Subway.

Subway is facing the problem of lack of brand awareness which has been dealt by marketers with the help of several marketing tool in present age. In the age of advanced information technology internet media has become the low cost and wide reach media where in marketers are finding it easy and cost effective for the organisation to create brand awareness in comparison to adoption of several other media (Dan, 2002). Hence in present age different forms of internet media has been adopted so as to reach maximum number of customers and create brand awareness and at the same time and establish a medium to maintain faster information delivery with the customer.

The aim of current report is to develop secondary research based on the subject adoption of internet media as effective mean for creating brand awareness for subway and establishing the customer information delivery system. Further research would focus on the newly developed methods in internet marketing for creating brand awareness for the Subway brand. Present report would undertake various secondary research methods in order to accomplish the research objectives and reach to conclusion for achieving aim of brand awareness & customer information delivery.

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