Brand Analysis – The Body Shop
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Your task is to write a report titled “Brand Analysis of the Body Shop”.

About the Book

Brand Analysis – The Body Shop


The First outlet of The Body Shop was opened in Brighton in 1976 selling only 25 home made and hand mixed beauty products which have been natural and working to maintain health and beauty. This was just the start of an ecstatic journey of The Body Shop in which they have now expanded to 6000 outlets across the world outlets (Laroche et al., 2001). The Body shop concept was based on the point that customers are willing to pay higher for environmentally friendlier products which have made The Body Shop as a very power international retail brand. They have been listed as 28th in Global brands by Interbrand and as the second most trusted brand by customers (Superbrands, 2005). The Body Shop success can be attributed to the core principles and brand values of Environmental friendliness, community development as well as fair trade practices which have been essential for so high vision, commitment for its corporate values forming its core as a Trusted Brand called as The Body Shop. Major Competitors for The Body shop are other cosmetic brands like Revlon; Lakme Etc. brands (Nicholls 2002, pp. 6-17). This report tries to dwell deep into the brand and various characteristics of The Body shop. We have tried to find out the reasons for inception of The Body shop as a trusted brand and how they have used their corporate values of environmental friendliness, Fair Practices as well as Community development to help the brand get trust of its customers as well as make them loyal (Carbone 1999).

Brand positioning and values

The Body Shop has always been the brand which creates a difference. Various Marketers consider The Body Shop as a marketing icon. The Body Shop has generated a brand image without conventional branding. The Body Shop is different from other usual cosmetic brands as the brand values are different for The Body Shop which are with The Body Shop. The Body Shop has created a brand image using its unique association created with those values. The Body Shop is very famous for its association with ethical brand practices. The Body Shop is also very much nature friendly and wants to propagate the idea world over with the same. The Body Shop products adhere to these values by using only natural ingredients and never test these products on animals (Craven 2003, pp. 36-38). The Body Shop also packages and merchandises its products to showcase these brand values to its customers. The Body Shop uses refillable packs as well as those which can be recycled. The Body Shop also benefits from the same as these keep the prices very low but these brand elements help in better reinforcing brand positioning for The Body Shop. The Body Shop also is very much careful in messages which are being displayed in the The Body Shop and other pop up brand merchandise. The Body Shop makes sure that these brand messages are very enthusiastic as well as informative. Hence, all these brand elements make The Body Shop a very different cosmetic brand from conventional cosmetic brands (Nicholls 2002, pp. 6-17).

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