Analysis of gender
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Analysis of Gender , Age , Services And nationality ?

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Analysis of Gender

? Category with gender The graph provides us some interesting data regarding to the gender of Sea Consultant customers. The percentage of female customers is slightly larger than male customers. However, male customers are the majority part of user of the visa service as main service that Sea Consultant provides. Visa service as the main service in Sea Consultant has been contributing the significant income to the company. The company is providing visa services, citizen service and benefit service in NZ immigration marketing. And visa service is the basic project in ‘Sea Consultant’.

? Communication means of gender As the graph shows, we can find that male prefer to communicate with their immigration advisers by phone and interview. On the other hand Female prefer use email or online and interview. Both female and male would like to contact with Sea Consultant in person, which means how to give the suggestion in face is very important for customer relationship development.

? Satisfaction rate of gender The graph, presented in a pie chart, shows the general situation of satisfaction with the service by ‘Sea Consultant’. Generally speaking, male is more satisfied than female. According to the two former graphs, the category of gender and communication means of gender, we can know that the customers who used the service of residence visa and choose online and interview communication mean have positive attitude for the service of Sea Consultant. Or we can find that Sea Consultant should improve the quality of service in student visa service, work visa service and visit visa service. And the company should make the phone communication more efficiency.

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