About the Book

ALDI’s Market Orientation

Executive Summary

 Market place has now become extremely competitive these days and it is quite important for the companies to put enough emphasis on building a sustainable business environment and model where they can retain the customers and keep creating the value for both the company and its customers. The idea of evolving the customers as important stakeholders is gaining momentum, and the concept of market orientation emphasises on evolving the organizational culture as well as developing a step by step process where the market and business intelligence in gathered across all the departments and used in consolidation in order to create value for both the business and the customers (Lafferty, Barbara A. and Tomas, G. H.2001).

ALDI has targeted to gauge the overall market orientation of the company with the help of responses gathered from different customers. Different customers were asked for their responses on different parameters of market orientation of the company.

The survey provided important insight into the various measures taken by ALDI which is leaving a lasting impression on the customers as how the company is creating the value for the customers and what areas does it need to improve upon in order to be more market oriented. An important insight came from the survey that more than just putting in the efforts to be more oriented, it is also very important to promote its measures and create a successful differentiating factor for the company.

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