Affect Of Medicines On Patients
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This assignment is aiming to provide a brief and concise report on drugs which are used for the treatment of patient described in the form of case study. Propofol, mannitol, midazolam, morphine and saline are the drugs that have been discussed.

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This assignment is aiming to provide a brief and concise report of the presentation made about the case study in first part and drugs which are used for the treatment of patient described in case study. There were many drugs given to the patient like propofol, mannitol, midazolam, morphine and saline. However my presentation was focused on mannitol. In this assignment a
section of self reflection would be included which will describe the experience of working as team member and learning’s made from the entire group project. Further learning made from this group presentation will also help in assessment of each member’s strength and weakness and accordingly.

Mannitol is given to the patient who suffered from a assault while he was leaving a night club.He suffered a skull fracture and he lost consciousness where he was brought in the ER. Doctors suspect that he might be suffering from a hematoma or a even clot formation can take place inside brain due to injury. Mannitol in itself is not a treatment drug for such cases but is given as a combination drug with other drugs to manage the symptoms of patient and treat the underlying problems as well (Kathleen, 2002). Mannitol is basically a sugar based alcohol compound which is used to reduce the osmotic distress in a person and act as a diuretic agent. It is used in case when a patient suffered from a internal injury and he is suffering from a raised intracranial pressure. since in this case patient suffered a skull crack thus it is almost practical that he should be given a osmotic agent to reduce the pressure inside cranium. Secondly osmotic pressure reduction also enhances the heiling process and increase the comfort level of patient. Giving mannitol is mostly an emergency treatment and it is given until the time when final diagnosis of the patient is made and it defined if he needs a intracranial pressure reducing agent. Here CAT scan was not very definitive initially and it was not sure which type of injury patient suffered and how do we manage it, thus mannitol was given more as a precautionary measure because elevated intracranial pressure can cause permanent damage to the brain of patient.

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