7 P’s Analysis of Rockhampton Plaza Hotel
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Use literature to support your recommendations and analysis and present your report in a business format using headings and subheadings.

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7 P’s Analysis of Rockhampton Plaza Hotel


Service as a product is very much different from any tangible product. This uniqueness also makes marketing of services very much different for service product when compared to tangible products. When we compare 7P’s marketing mix of service product with 4P’s for tangible products which contains product, price, place, people, Promotions processes and physical evidence (Beaver & Harris 2010, pp.109-19).

In this business report, Rockhampton Plaza Hotel, which is a famous hotel in Queensland, Australia is chosen for being analyzed using 7P’s marketing mix model. The selection of Rockhampton Plaza Hotel is important because of multiple reasons namely, Rockhampton Plaza Hotel as a service provider which gives all kinds of hospitality services like accommodation, entertainment etc. ; secondly, since, it is a famous hotel sufficient information can be found for Rockhampton Plaza Hotel using both secondary and primary sources about its business, services, operations as well as management practices; lastly, personal experiences have also taken place in Rockhampton Plaza Hotel of availing multiple services which will make the analysis more easy and convenient based on those personal experience. Using the above information, this business report will try and use this 7 P marketing mix analysis as a tool to analyses Rockhampton Plaza Hotel practices and offer possible features of advice for Rockhampton Plaza Hotel. This business report has been built upon brief history and background of Rockhampton Plaza Hotel and personal experiences availed in Rockhampton Plaza Hotel. Then, we have conducted 7 P marketing analysis using different resources. Finally, recommendations are being made on multiple parameters of this 7 P marketing mix which is applied on Rockhampton Plaza Hotel (Blankson & Stokes 2007, pp.49-61).

Background of Rockhampton Plaza Hotel

The background of Rockhampton plaza hotel will be discussed on this section as well as personal experiences of known people in this hotel.

Rockhampton Plaza Hotel is a 6 story hotel which has restaurant, bar, party facilities which are near Central Park and St Joseph’s Cathedral. It has earned local fame and respect due to its service and hospitality on offer. This Hotel is big in size and offers multiple hospitality services for customers in a bouquet. It is a six stored hotel and average occupancy is approximate 75% (Rockhampton Plaza Hotel 2012).

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