BIZ202 The Business Environment Presentation


Subject Code and TitleBIZ202: The Business Environment
Individual/GroupGroup (3-4 Students)
Length15 Minutes
Learning Outcomesd)Apply a relevant framework to evaluate the
macro and micro environmental influences on an
e)Create a business case for potential growth
opportunities based on analysis of external
SubmissionWeek 11/12
Total Marks100 marks

Businesses which do not properly address the factors in their environment which affect them can succumb to pressures which they did not account for. Past examples of businesses which have lost a significant portion of their revenue, or businesses which have had to close entirely due to factors in their environment are common.


Correctly identify a business which has made a loss or had to close due to environmental influences outside its control

Understand the events leading up to this loss or closure, and accurately discuss the key factors which caused it

Accurately apply course concepts to the key event(s) to offer an alternative path which may have prevented the loss/closure.

Condense findings into a relevant format suitable for presentation to a business in a consulting environment.

BIZ202 The Business Environment PresentationLinkages between Case Study (Assessment 3) and Presentation (Assessment 4):

The business case study is a comprehensive, retrospective review of a business which suffered a loss or closure due to environmental factors beyond its own control. This report should be suitably structured to present on its own, but the presentation’s purpose is to provide a more accessible and interactive medium through which to showcase the data of the case study, and the presentation should offer an alternative solution to the problem discussed in the case study, with reference to strategies discussed in the subject.


The presentation will serve as an accessible way of collecting the information discussed in the case study, suitable for delivery to a board or investor group.

Additionally, the presentation will also have solutions for the issues faced by the company discussed in the case study, as well as a discussion of possible future business strategies to enable growth through consideration of the external business environment.

Present and display the background information and relevant environmental challenges discussed in the case study in a way which is engaging and succinct Offer a range of solutions that is broad enough to counter the major challenges leading to the loss/closure of the business Offer a comprehensive strategy for future growth of the business with reference to each of the four elements of the external business environment. The presentation must be correctly referenced using APA style

BIZ202 The Business Environment Presentation

Submission Instructions:

Submit copy of Environmental Business Case Presentation in .pptx or .pdf format via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in BIZ202 The Business environment. One submission per group is allowed. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback with reference to the criteria below via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.


Each team member should fill out the evaluation form individually and confidentially and submit it using Team Member Evaluation Form Submission Link. The Evaluation Form is available to download, under Assessment Information.

Be sure to include your name along with those of the other group members and rate yourself along with the others.

Please rate each group member’s contribution to each category by providing a score of either 0,1, 2, 3 and 4 (0 for low, 4 for high). Total your ratings. This total rating will be used in calculating the Team work attribute mentioned in the marking rubric of Assessment 3 & Assessment 4.

Also be sure to provide any additional information about the project experience relative to group members and the assessment

Learning Rubric: Business Case

AssessmentFail (Unacceptable)PassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
High Distinction is
Distinction is awarded forawarded for work of
work of superior qualityoutstanding quality in
Fail grade will bePass is awarded for workCredit is awarded for workin achieving all learningachieving all learning
showing a more thanoutcomes and a superioroutcomes together with
awarded if a student isshowing a satisfactory
satisfactory achievement ofintegration andoutstanding integration
unable to demonstrateachievement of all
all learning outcomes and aunderstanding of theoryand understanding of
satisfactory academiclearning outcomes and an
more than adequateand application of skills.theory and application of
Gradeperformance in theadequate understanding
understanding of theoryEvidence of in-depthskills. Evidence of in?
Descriptionsubject or has failed toof theory and application
and application of skills. Aresearch, reading,depth research, reading,
(Grading Scheme)complete requiredof skills. A consistent
consistent academicanalysis and evaluation isanalysis, original and
assessment points inacademic referencing
referencing system is useddemonstrated. Acreative thought is
accordance with thesystem is used and
and sources areconsistent academicdemonstrated. A
subject’s requiredsources are appropriately
appropriatelyreferencing system isconsistent academic
assessment points.acknowledged.
acknowledged.used and sources arereferencing system is
appropriatelyused and sources are
Growth OpportunityDoes not address possibleProvides relatively broad ideaProvides specific strategies forOffers specific growthOffers insightful and novel
future growth of businessfor future growth by applyingpotential future growth bystrategies for each of the fourstrategies which address each
40%using frameworks and toolsconcepts and discussing fouraddressing each of the fourexternal environmental factors,area of the external
from course content, orareas of external environment.environmental factorsas well as by addressing theenvironment comprehensively,
Create a business case forthrough discussion ofspecifically.broader environmental contextas well as discussing the
potential growthexternal a whole.broader environmental context
opportunities based onat length.
analysis of external
environmental factors
Framework ApplicationDoes not address selectedIdentifies certain issuesIdentifies all relevant issues byApplies known frameworkApplies known framework
issues in any way.discussed in report with correctapplying known framework asthoroughly to situation toexactly to issues discussed,
30%methods as discussed in coursediscussed in course content tocorrectly identify all issuesrefines and extends upon this
Partially adresses issues withcontent.situation accurately.which need to be addressed.framework to not only identify
BIZ202_Assessment 4 Brief_Presentation_Module 6Page 4 of 5
Apply a relevantincorrect methods.current environmental issues
framework to evaluate theExtends upon knownand influences, but speculates
macro and microframework to discuss novelon possible external influences
environmental influencessolutions to issues at hand.and environmental issues not
on an organisationdiscussed with insight.
Team WorkPlaces individual goalsIdentifies team and individualWorks together with othersFacilitates team developmentLeads teams.
ahead of the groupgoals, tasks, responsibilitiestowards shared goals
20%responsibility.and schedules Identifies teamRenegotiates responsibilities,Evaluates team’s outcomes
and individual goals, tasks,Renegotiates responsibilities totasks and schedules to meet
Hinders the group processresponsibilities and schedulesmeet needed changneeded changeImplements strategies for
and upsets the schedule.enhancing team effectiveness
issues.Contributes to groupSupports the team in a valuable
Correct citation of keyDemonstrates inconsistentDemonstrates use of credibleDemonstrates use of high quality,Demonstrates use of goodDemonstrates use of high-
resources and evidenceuse of good quality, credibleand relevant resources tocredible and relevant resourcesquality, credible and relevantquality, credible and relevant
and relevant resources tosupport and develop ideas, butto support and develop ideas.resources to support andresources to support and
10%support and develop ideas.these are not always explicit ordevelop arguments anddevelop arguments and
well developed.statements. Shows evidence ofposition statements. Shows
Overall structure,wide scope within theevidence of wide scope within
organisation for sourcingand without the organisation
appearance and
evidence.for sourcing evidence.
referencing of the report