BIZ202 Environmental Scan Report | Scanner App | Document Scanner

BIZ202 Environmental Scan Report |Scanner App | Document Scanner

ASSESSMENT BRIEFBIZ202 Environmental Scan Report
Subject Code and TitleBIZ202 : The Business Environment
AssessmentEnvironmental Scan Report – Part A
Length600 words
Learning Outcomesa)  Examine the influence of the external
environment on the organisation
b)  Identify and apply appropriate frameworks and
tools to the problems and challenges faced by
SubmissionModule 2 (Week 4)
Total Marks100 marks

Context: BIZ202 Environmental Scan Report 

BIZ202 Environmental Scan Report | Scanner App | Document ScannerBIZ202 Environmental Scan Report the modern marketplace cannot afford to ignore the environments in which they operate. To navigate this vast and everchanging landscape, businesses must keep a keen eye on external factors which influence it. Customer behaviour, government regulatory and economic policy, competitor strategy and public opinion all can impact on a businesses success. The environmental scan report is an effort to identify these factors and propose solutions to the risks they pose.


To more broadly understand the environmental factors which influence business; Assess and address the challenges and risks which businesses face due to external


Identify and present appropriate solutions to offset these risks; Propose strategies to prevent further risk

Linkages between Part A and Part B:

Part A of this assessment focuses on the broad assessment of the business environment. Identification and characterisation of risks as well as a comprehensive assessment of environmental factors influencing the business will be presented in this first part of the scan.

BIZ202_Assessent 1 brief_Environmental_Scan_Part A.docx

Part B serves to expand on Part A through developing strategies not only to counter the risks faced by the business as identified in Part A, but also to prevent future environmental challenges, as well as anticipate and deal with environmental shifts.


Part A of the environmental scan serves the purpose of collecting all of the useful information about a business’ environment in one place. You will work individually to identify any relevant information about the environment of a chosen organisation. You must choose an Australian business still in operation, and view the buusiness through the context of the four components of an organisations external environment, as discussed in the subject content. The development of the environmental scan must incorporate the following elements:

Describe the four types of factors which can influence the environments in which businesses operate

Identify and analyse environmental factors which influence Australian businesses specifically

Examine the chosen business and catalogue the factors in its environment which exert pressure

Discuss these factors in the context of the four components of the external business environment.

The structure of the assignment should follow standard report structure

  • Introduction and background information
  • Body of information and discussion of relevant topics
  • Conclusion and summary
  • Referencing in the APA style

Submit copy of Environmental Scan Report in .docx or .pdf format via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in BIZ202 The Business environment. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback with reference to the criteria below via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

BIZ202 Environmental Scan Report |Scanner App | Document Scanner

AssessmentFail (Unacceptable)PassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
GradeFail grade will bePass is awarded for workCredit is awarded for workDistinction is awardedHigh Distinction is
Descriptionawarded if a studentshowing a satisfactoryshowing a more thanfor work of superiorawarded for work of
(Grading Scheme)is unable toachievement of allsatisfactory achievement ofquality in achieving alloutstanding quality in
demonstratelearning outcomes and anall learning outcomes and alearning outcomes andachieving all learning
satisfactory academicadequate understandingmore than adequatea superior integrationoutcomes together with
performance in theof theory and applicationunderstanding of theoryand understanding ofoutstanding integration
subject or has failedof skills. A consistentand application of skills. Atheory and applicationand understanding of
to complete requiredacademic referencingconsistent academicof skills. Evidence of in-theory and application of
assessment points insystem is used andreferencing system is useddepth research,skills. Evidence of in?
accordance with thesources are appropriatelyand sources arereading, analysis anddepth research, reading,
subject’s requiredacknowledged.appropriatelyevaluation isanalysis, original and
assessment points.acknowledged.demonstrated. Acreative thought is
consistent academicdemonstrated. A
referencing system isconsistent academic
used and sources arereferencing system is
appropriatelyused and sources are
Analysis of EnvironmentLimited understanding of theIdentifies a proportion of theIdentifies a majority of theCorrectly identifies all of theNot only identifies all
environmental factorsenvironmental factorsenvironmental factors influencingenvironmental factorsenvironmental factors,
45%influencing the choseninfluencing the chosenthe chosen business.influencing the chosenprovides insight and discussion; the largestbusiness.on potential further
SLO addressed:influencers are named.environmental challenges
a)Examine thefaced by the business.
influence of the
externalCorrectly subcategorises andDiscusses the wider Australian
environment onNeglects to subcategorise theCorrectly subcategorises aexplains all of the factorsCorrectly subcategorises andbusiness environment as well
the organisationenvironmental factors intomajority of the factorsdiscussed.thoroughly explains all of theas the external environment of
the four categories ofdiscussed.factors discussed.the chosen business to provide
environmental influences.a linked picture of the
complete external environment
of the chosen business.
Accesses relevant informationAccesses and correctly referencesAccesses and correctlyMastery of concepts and
to discuss and categoriserelevant information to discussreferences relevant informationapplication to new
environmental factors.and categorise environmentalto discuss and categorisesituations/further
factors.environmental factors.learning.
Application of FrameworkDemonstrates noDemonstrates littleDemonstrates correct andIdentifies the key issues in theIdentifies the key issues in the
understanding of frameworkunderstanding of strategies tocomplete knowledge of strategiesexternal business environmentexternal business environment
45%concepts relevant to the fourrespond to the externalrelevant to the business chosen,and provides a correct strategyand provides a correct strategy
external environmentbusiness environment byoffers solutions to a range ofto deal with deal with each, as well as a
SLO addressed:components.providing non-specific solutionsissues presented in the case.thorough explanation and
b)Identify andto issues discussed in thejustification of each strategy,
applyreport.and a feasible method of
frameworks and
tools to the
problems and
challenges faced
by organisations
Correct citation of keyDemonstrates inconsistentDemonstrates use of credibleDemonstrates use of high quality,Demonstrates use of goodDemonstrates use of high-
resources and evidenceuse of good quality, credibleand relevant resources tocredible and relevant resourcesquality, credible and relevantquality, credible and relevant
and relevant resources tosupport and develop ideas, butto support and develop ideas.resources to support andresources to support and
10%support and develop ideas.these are not always explicit ordevelop arguments anddevelop arguments and
well developed.statements. Shows evidence ofposition statements. Shows
Overall structure,wide scope within theevidence of wide scope within
organisation for sourcingand without the organisation
appearance and
evidence.for sourcing evidence.
referencing of the report
are assessed

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