BIZ104 Customer Experience Management

BIZ104 Customer Experience ManagementBIZ104 Customer Experience Management

Subject Code and TitleBIZ104 Customer Experience Management
AssessmentResearch Report
Length1,500 Words
Learning Outcomesb.  Apply the influence of perception to the customer experience of service delivery
c.  Document a customer journey map
d.  Identify tools to monitor and evaluate a customer experience strategy
Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 4(Week 8)
Total Marks100 marks


This assessment advances the student’s customer experience research skills. User personas for this assessment are required to be data-driven and quantitatively validated. Students are also required to conceptualize customers interacting with a product across several as touch points such as in-store, website, mobile, social media, and email. This assessment is designed to develop your generative research skills to build qualitative, data driven personas for your chosen company or product. These personas are representatives of the users of your product for whom you are designing an experience for. You will also be assessed on the process you undertake for the identification, analysis and customer research for your product.


You will select one of the following of your own professional or personal interest: product, service, institution or event.

This can either be an existing or even a proposed product (i.e. a business idea, a proposed event or even your college).

You are expected to conduct as much field and desktop research as possible into the inner workings of your chosen organization, its industry and its target customers.

Your aim is to apply research tools and concepts towards identifying the challenges and opportunities for achieving a customer experience that is in line with the organizations strategic objectives.

Students are required to complete generative research (in the form of face-to-face consultations or contextual enquiry sessions) and preference research (large sample survey) to produce data-driven and validated user personas. Students will also use their collected data to complete customer personas and journey maps.

Use the CEM research tools to answer the questions – What is the current state of the service experience of the product or organization? How does it rate or compare with competitor offerings?

The report should:

  • Offer a brief introduction to the industry within which the organization competes and a brief background into the company and its service offering.
  • Identify and differentiate 3 customer personas to illustrate and communicate their unique customer perspectives.
  • Provide evidence of generative research data using at least 2 of the following:
  • -At least 5 customer interviews,
  • -10 completed customer surveys,
  • -observational data from field research
  • -existing customer data

These should be placed in the appendix of the report.

  • Map the current experience and journey maps for each of the 3 customer profiles showing the customer’s experience before, during and after the service/product experience.
  • Competitor analysis that compares at least 2 competitors based on any 3 key customer experience issues as highlighted from the generative research results
  • Summarize the results of your research by addressing the current state of the service experience of the product or organization and how the current customer experience rates or compares with competitor offerings?

Part A: Presentation of CEM Strategy – Learning Rubrics

PassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
AssessmentFail (Unacceptable)
Adherence toFailed to plan and deliver researchMinimum effort in developingResearch plan andWell executed researchExceeded the required
qualitative useraccordingly. Less than 3 researchresearch plan, recruitingrecruitment displaysplan and sessions.planning and research
researchsessions with minimal insight intoparticipants, sessions andstudent’s effort inResulted in clearactivities for this section.
methodology, qualityaudience segments. Inaccuracies ofcompilation of data. Personaswanting to extractcustomer personas.Researched a high
of research planning,research, with falsified or missing data.produced with significantinsights fromIterations of researchnumber of respondents
recruitment,Poor quality personas that have beeninaccuracies.respondents. Researchconfirmed and accuratewith several iterations
made up.generated key CEMpersonas developed.and strong research
identification of key
issues that were testedActively recruitedsummary from initial data
CEM issues and
in further iterations.respondents from variedcollated. Demonstrated
development of
Fair-Good personademographics (not justcommitment to further
accurate customer
quality.fellow students) andgenerative research until
committed to extractingaccurate personas were
30%research data andderived.
analyzing to arrive at


Difficult to understand for audience,Information, arguments and evidenceInformation, arguments andInformation, argumentsExpertly presented; the
Effectiveno logical/clear structure, poor floware presented in a way that is notevidence are welland evidence are verypresentation is logical,
of ideas, argument lacks supportingalways clear and logical.presented, mostly clear flowwell presented, thepersuasive, and well
communicationevidence. No effort is made to keepAttempts are made to keep theof ideas and arguments.presentation is logical,supported by evidence,
10%audience engaged, audience cannotaudience engaged, but not alwaysThe audience is mostlyclear and welldemonstrating a clear flow
follow the line of reasoning.successful. Line of reasoning is oftenengaged, line of reasoning issupported by evidence.of ideas and arguments.
Little use of presentation aids, or thedifficult to follow. Presentation aidseasy to follow. Effective useEngages the audience,Engages and sustains
presentation aids and material usedare used more for effect thanof presentation aids.demonstrates culturalaudience’s interest in the
are irrelevant.relevance.sensitivity.Carefullytopic, demonstrates high
and   wellpreparedlevels of cultural sensitivity
presentations aids areEffective use of diverse
used.presentation aids,
including graphics and


Correct citation of keyDemonstrates inconsistent use ofDemonstrates use of credible andDemonstrates use of highDemonstrates use ofDemonstrates use of high-
resources and evidencegood quality, credible and relevantrelevant resources to support andquality, credible andgood quality, crediblequality, credible and
resources to support and developdevelop ideas, but these are notrelevant resources toand relevant resourcesrelevant resources to
10%ideas.always explicit or well and develop support and developsupport and develop
arguments andarguments and position
statements. Showsstatements. Shows
evidence of wide scopeevidence of wide scope
within the organisationwithin and without the
for sourcing evidenceorganisation for sourcing
Personas are not data-driven, areSome evidence of segmentation forPersonas are backed byPersonas are data drivenPersonas are data driven
Personaseach persona, but too manyresearch findings, arewith clear segmentationwith clear
made up and assumed.assumptions made without evidencemostly qualitative withand quantitativesegmentation across
of research validation.some quantitativevalidation.demographics, goals,
validationattitudes and
behaviours and are
Too brief and notSomeclearCEMissuesGood selection of CEMStrong CEMDetailed but
Competitorconsiderate of entirecomparedusedbutlacks  theissues and categoriesissues compared,succinct in its
journey or strategy.detailfortruecomparativewith a clear summary ofvery clearcommunication.
analysisthe data collected andinsights andExcellent choice of
15%how it will affect theprovides a clearCEM issues with
student’srationale for theclearly defined
product.student’sinsights attained
product direction.from the


Customer JourneyToo brief and notConsiderate of pre-engagement,Research-driven mapDetailed maps ofExcellently presented
Mapsconsiderate of entireusage as well as post-with insights derivedjourneys with clearmap with important
journey. Poorly executed withengagement. Not clear how thefor optimizing touch-derivation from theinsights into the
little thought given to keyresearch has driven thepoints. Good selectioncompiled customercustomer’s triggers,
15%channels of interaction.creation of the map. Basicof channels andresearch. Welldrivers, influencers and
channels for user interactionjourneys adopted forexecuted journeyother key empathy
noted with minimal stepsdetailed interactionsmaps with highfacets. Is strongly
identified and outlined in eachalong each journey.level of detail andresearch-based.
journey map.clearlyExceeds requirements
communicated.for journey maps by
use of high quantity
and quality of mapping
as well as summarized
insight into optimizing
certain journeys or
paths. Professionally

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