BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisation

Subject Code and TitleBIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations
AssessmentGroup Project
Part A – Case Analysis Part B – Presentation
Individual/GroupGroups of 4 – 5
LengthPart A – Case Analysis (max 1,200 words)
Part B – Presentation
Learning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following learning
a)Define various roles, skills, functions and
structures in modern global organisations
b)Understand the importance of self-awareness,
emotional intelligence, and motivation.
c)Deconstruct the nature of group behaviour and
cultural differences.
d)Integrate strategies to effectively interact with
others in a professional context
e)Understand own strengths and their application in
the business context
SubmissionPart A: Case Analysis, end of Module 5 (Week 10)
Part B: Presentation, end of Module 6 (Week 12)
WeightingTotal: 50%
Part A: Case Analysis: 30%
Part B: Presentation: 20%
Total Marks100 Marks

BIZ102 Understanding People And Organisation

BIZ102 Understanding People And OrganisationIn the dynamic 21st Century economy where mobility is often not only possible but integral to a successful career, being able to work in an intercultural and diverse environment is essential. Organisations frequently need their people to develop their capacity to work effectively in diverse teams and resolve or diffuse conflicts and miscommunication quickly and efficiently.

The keys to your ability to work effectively in intercultural and diverse teams are the development of emotional intelligence and awareness of cultural differences. Emotional intelligence enables the ability to consciously examine group and team dynamics in real time

in order to facilitate effective individual and team performance. This assessment aims to develop your understanding of how intercultural and diverse teams function and how you can use this knowledge to help develop intercultural and diverse teams into high performing teams.


For the purpose of this assessment, you and your team have joined LIU Consulting. LIU Consulting specialises in supporting their clients in developing high performing teams throughout their business. Your consulting team has been assigned to Company X and one of their teams currently working on Project X. The team consists of four members Kurt, Nassuro, Luojin and their team leader Chris. The team as a whole has been together for about three months. They are now familiar with each other, but have not had any pressure where they had to perform up until this point.

The team’s client has ‘incentives’ for an early delivery by offering the company as a whole a 100,000 AUD bonus for meeting an earlier deadline. Chris’s boss (the company manager) has confided in Chris that the company could really use the money and needs the team to push for the new deadline but does not want Chris to disclose the financial issue with the team as he fears it will cause them to loose focus and start hunting for other jobs. He has however allowed Chris to offer the team $1,000 bonuses each if they meet the deadline.

There are two recordings available for you from two of their recent meetings. The first one is when the task to bring the deadline forward has been announced and the second touch base meeting where the progress of the team is discussed.

Throughout the financial issue Financial Accounting Assignmentyour team will review the recording through multiple theoretical lenses with the aim of offering deep insight and tailored recommendations for the development of a high performing team within the Company X.


At the end of Module 1 your lecturer will allocate you to a consulting team.

The video recordings of Company X’s team case is located in the Assessment Centre under Assessment 2.

The first part of the assessment is a case analysis where you are required to analyse the team using various concepts covered up to Module 5.

The second part of the assessment is a presentation of the results of the analysis and recommendations to the client. You can choose a form of the presentation based on the strengths of your team members and on your preferences.

PART A Case Analysis

In this part of the assessment, you are required to analyse the team using various concepts covered up to Module 5. Use theoretical knowledge from the module readings and further research. Support your analysis by both theory and practice based references, cited using APA referencing style.

Areas of Analysis

Observe the interactions of the team members during both meetings and analyse their behaviour from the perspective of emotional intelligence.

Consider each of the team members interactions and whether you can see any indicators of what is motivating or driving their behaviour.

Consider each of the team members interactions and analyse whether you can see any indicators of team dynamics inhibiting the team’s performance.

Consider each of the team members interactions and analyse whether you can see potential for miscommunication or differences in approaches to work that may relate to any of the Hofsteade Cultural Dimensions.


Prepare a list of recommendations addressing all areas analysed. The aim is to provide advice to the client on how they could develop the team members and bring the team to a higher level of performance. Identify key risks/challenges associated with your recommendations and the way they could be controlled.

Prepare Business Report summarising the findings of your analysis. Use the standard business report structure including Title Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Analysis, Recommendations, Conclusion and References.

PART B Presentation

One part of your engagement is to prepare a presentation to the client summarising your findings, recommendations, potential risks/challenges associated with them and their potential controls.

You have not received any specifications in terms of how you will present the findings and it is up to you which form of presentation you will choose. You can use for example Prezie, Infographics, Animations, Short Video etc. It is up to your team and the strengths of your team members to decide on the form of your presentation.

The students will agree on the exact form and presentation guidelines with their facilitator.

Learning Rubrics – Part A – Case Analysis

Fail (Unacceptable)PassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
Assessment Attributes(Functional)(Proficient)(Advanced)(Exceptional)
Research and analysis
No research and analysisResearch and analysisResearch and analysisResearch and analysispresented is clearly
Comprehensive researchpresented is clearlycommunicated, covers
presented or research orpresented is clearlypresented is clearly
and analysis of eachcommunicated,all theoretical topics,
analysis presented iscommunicated, coverscommunicated, covers
theoretical concept that iscovers mostshows evidence of
unrelated to thesome theoretical topics,appropriate theoretical
backed by practice andtheoretical topics, andcritical examination
theoretical and practicaland is backed by limitedtopics, and is backed by
theory based backed byand is backed by
concepts covered in thisreferences from theorymultiple references from
references frommultiple references
unit.and practice.theory and practice.
40%theory and practice.from theory and
Recommendations areNo recommendationsRecommendations madeRecommendationsRecommendations madeRecommendations
specific to the team,made orare generic with a weakmade have elementsare specific to the casemade are specific to
presented clearly andrecommendations madelink to the theoreticalof specificity to theand the issues faced bythe case and issues
supported by theare generic with no link toconcepts presented incase team but arethe case team with anfaced by the case team
research and analysisthe theoretical conceptsthe research andmostly generic withimplied link to theand show a clear and
presentedpresented in the implied link to thetheoretical conceptsexplicit link to the
and analysis.theoretical conceptspresented in thetheoretical concepts
20%presented in theresearch and analysis.presented in the
research and analysis.research and analysis.
No list of challenges/ risksA list of genericA list of genericA list of specificA comprehensive list of
Challenges, risks and theiris communicatedchallenges/risks andchallenges/ risks andchallenges/ risks andspecific challenges/
controls are clearlyortheir controls is clearlytheir controls istheir controls is clearlyrisks and their controls
identified, articulated andthey are unrelated to thecommunicated butclearly communicatedcommunicated andis clearly
supported with evidencetheoretical topics coveredunsupported byand partiallysupported by evidencecommunicated and
20%in this unit.supported bysupported by evidence
BIZ102_Assessment Brief 2_Group Project_Modules 5&6Page 4 of 7


evidence from theoryevidence from theoryfrom theory andfrom theory and
and practice.and practice.practice.practice.
Team’s report and
Team’s report and groupgroup discussions show
Team’s report and groupTeam’s report and groupTeam’s report anddiscussions showsignificant evidence of
discussion shows nogroup discussionsevidence of effectiveeffective collaboration
Ability to workcollaboration with finaldiscussions show limitedshow somecollaboration on moston each element of the
collaboration with the
effectively as a team toreport either beingcollaboration with theelements of the projectproject with the report
report itself being
deliver a consultingcompleted by one personreport itself being awith the report itselfitself being a cohesive
disjointed and
projector significantly disjointedcohesive piece ofbeing a cohesive piece ofpiece of work with a
completed in distributed
10%with no linkages betweenwork and showswork with a singlesingle narrative and
the different sections.contribution by eachnarrative and showsshows equal
team member.contribution by eachcontribution by each
team member.
Grammar, spelling,
Very badly written,Grammar, spelling,punctuation,Adequate grammar,Excellent grammar,
incorrect grammar,punctuation,professional writing,spelling, punctuation,spelling, punctuation,
inappropriate languageprofessional writing andand syntax needsprofessional writing, andprofessional writing,
used, no proper structuresyntax needs significantimprovement. Thesyntax. The document isand syntax. The
Proper organization,of the document, badlyimprovement. Thedocument is partiallyreferenced but somedocument is properly
professional writing,organised with no logicaldocument is very poorlyreferenced, referencereferencing is missing.structured, referenced
logical flow of analysis,flow of the arguments.referenced. The businesslist or in textThe report is properlywith both reference list
referencingThe document is missingreport structure has notreferencing is missing.structured, but could beand in text references.
10%in text referencing and/orbeen followed.Part of the businessimproved.
a reference list. The reportreport structure is
is not structured properly.missing or could be

Learning Rubrics – Part B – Presentation

AssessmentFail (Unacceptable)PassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
Difficult to understand, noThe conceptsThe presentationThe presentationThe presentation
logical/clear structure,presented arerepresents a goodrepresents an effectiverepresents a clear,
Effectivepoor flow of ideas,backed up by somesummary of the casecommunication of thecomprehensive and
Communicationargument lacks supportingtheory and practice,study analysis resultscase analysis results,effective
of the caseevidence. Very hard tosome valuableapplicable to theit is concise andcommunication of the
analysis resultsfollow the line ofinsights areclient. It is backed upbacked up byresults of the analysis
reasoning.provided, overallby some references toreferences fromapplicable to the client,
30%advice to the clienttheory and practice. Ittheory and practice. Itit is easy to follow, very
however needs anis easy to follow withis engaging, easy toengaging and backed up
improvement.some minor flaws infollow with clear lineby references from
the line of reasoning.of reasoning.theory and practice.
There are some errors
There are morein spelling,There are minor errors
errors in spelling,grammar andin spelling, grammarThere are no errors in
Does not meet minimumgrammar andpunctuation in theand punctuation in thespelling, grammar and
standard with many errorspunctuation.presented material.presented material.punctuation in the
and very weak visualThe materialToo much informationToo much informationpresented material.
Visual Appealappeal. Difficult to readprovided is difficultis containedis present on some ofInformation is clear and
and comprehend. Minimalto read in somein the majority of thethe presentationconcise. The form of
30%effort made to make theparts with too littlepresentation material.material.presentation is
presentation innovative oror too muchMinimal effort madeMaterial is not theinnovative, creative,
visually make themost innovative, butvisually appealing and
Low quality visualpresentation materialstill visually appealingengaging.
appeal.innovative andand engaging.
visually appealing.
BIZ102_Assessment Brief 2_Group Project_Modules 5&6Page 6 of 7


No recommendationsRecommendationsRecommendationsRecommendationsRecommendations
made or recommendationsmade are genericmade have elementsmade are specific tomade are specific to the
Recommendationsmade are generic with nowith a weak link toof specificity to thethe case and the issuescase and issues faced by
link to the theoreticalthe theoreticalcase team but arefaced by the case teamthe case team and show
20%concepts presented in theconcepts presentedmostly generic withwith an implied link toa clear and explicit link
research and the research andan implied link to thethe theoreticalto the theoretical
analysis.theoretical conceptsconcepts presented inconcepts presented in
presented in thethe research andthe research and
research and analysis.analysis.analysis.
No list of challenges/ risksA list of genericA list of genericA list of specificA comprehensive list of
Challenges, risksis communicated orchallenges/risk andchallenges/ risks andchallenges/ risks andspecific challenges/ risks
they are unrelated to thetheir controls s istheir controls istheir controls is clearlyand their controls is
and their controls
theoretical topics coveredclearlyclearly communicatedcommunicated andclearly communicated
20%in this unit.communicated butand partiallysupported by evidenceand supported by
unsupported bysupported byfrom theory andevidence.
evidence fromevidence from theorypractice.
theory and practice.and practice.

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