BIZ101 Business Communication

Subject Code and TitleBIZ101: Business Communications
Individual/GroupIndividual or Group
LengthPresentation: 15 minutes
Learning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following subject learning
a)  Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level
of study
b)  Demonstrate research skills and referencing
appropriate to the level of study
d)  Identify and apply effective communication methods
within a business environment
e)  Evaluate the use and importance of technology in
presenting business communication
SubmissionBy 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 6 (Weeks 11
& 12)
Total Marks100 marks

BIZ101 Business Communication

This assessment is for students to master the skills of presentation and evaluate the use of technology in business communication. Students must research different types of presentation technology, then choose one or more to use to present their recommendations from their Report they completed in Assessment 2.

BIZ101 Business CommunicationInstructions: Presentation (25%)

Prepare a presentation of the key findings and recommendations from your Assessment 2 report.

The presentation is 15 minutes, highlighting the key points of the Assessment 2 report to the class. The presentation must be engaging and students are encouraged to not just use Prezi or PowerPoint.

It is expected that you will demonstrate in your presentation:

a comprehensive understanding of the topic you have chosen evidence of research and application of reliable and relevant evidence critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent arguments effective communication in the form of professional presentation skills evidence of a contribution to group effectiveness (if completed as a group assignment)

Note: You will not be disadvantaged if you do this individually

Submitting Your Assessment

  1. Check your originality by uploading your commentary to Turnitin.
  1. When the Turnitin result is less than 20%, submit your assignment through the Assessment submission area.

Learning Rubric

FailPassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
Assessment Attributes(Unacceptable)(Functional)(Proficient)(Advanced)(Exceptional)
Choice of presentationPresentation uses aPresentation uses aPresentation uses aPresentation uses anPresentation uses an
channeltraditional technology tooltraditional technology tooltechnology tool to expressinnovative approach,innovative approach,
to reproduce their reportto express the content ofthe content of theircombining two differentcombining multiple
20in a visual and verbal form.their presentation in anpresentation in antechnology tools todifferent technology tools
engaging way.engaging way.effectively express theto effectively express the
content of theircontent of their
presentation in anpresentation in an
engaging way.engaging way.
Verbal CommunicationVerbal communicationVerbal communicationVerbal communication isVerbal communication isVerbal communication is
lacks clarity and nolacks clarity but there is anmostly clear, andclear, articulate andclear, articulate and
30attempt to engage theattempt to engage thearticulate but does notengaging, going beyondengaging, going beyond
listener is made.listener as an activeengage the listener as anreading a script toreading a script to
participant in theactive participantdiscussing the contentdiscussing the content and
presentationwith the audience in a wayusing tactics designed to
that causes them toengage the listener to be active participant in the
presentation and reflect
on its content.
Visual CommunicationVisual communication isVisual communication isVisual communication isVisual communicationVisual communication
primarily a reproduction ofprimarily writing andprimarily writing andgoes beyond writing andgoes beyond writing and
20the essay text and is notimages but is visuallyimages but shows someimages to reproduceimages to reproduce
visually appealing.appealing.elements of innovation incontent in a visual waycontent in a visual way
the visual elements of theusing graphs, charts,using graphs, charts,
presentation.diagrams.diagrams, info graphics
and other innovative
visual communication
tools.                 Page 3 of 5

Learning Rubric

FailPassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
Assessment Attributes(Unacceptable)(Functional)(Proficient)(Advanced) (75-(Exceptional)
Quality of EvaluationLimited understandingInformation isSupports personal opinionWell demonstratedInformation is taken from
ofkeyconceptssubstantiated by evidenceand informationcapacity to explain andsources with a high level
30required to support thefrom the research/coursesubstantiated by evidenceapply relevant conceptsof interpretation/
presentation.materials.from the research/courseby robust evidence fromevaluation to develop a
materials.the research/coursecomprehensive critical
Information takenInformation taken frommaterials and extendedanalysis of the topic.
from reliable sourcesreliable sources however,Demonstrates a capacityreading.
but without aanalysis and evaluationto explain and applyUses research and
coherent analysis ordoes not consistentlyrelevant concepts.Some debate on theevidence to argue
synthesis.reflect the relevantresearch is evident.viewpoints of experts.
Viewpoints of experts are
taken as fact with little

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