BIZ101 Business Communication Proposal


Subject Code and TitleBIZ101: Business Communications
AssessmentPart A: Proposal
Part B: Report
Individual/GroupIndividual or group
LengthPart A: Proposal: 600 words (+/- 10%)
Part B: Report: 1,000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following subject learning
a) Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level of
b) Demonstrate research skills and referencing
appropriate to the level of study.
c)  Critically analyse texts and/or multi-modal material in a
business context.
d)  Identify and apply effective communication methods
within a business and academic environment.
e)  Evaluate the use and importance of technology in
presenting business communication.
SubmissionPart A: Proposal By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of
Module 4 (Week 7)
Part B: Report By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module
5 (Week 9)
WeightingPart A: Proposal: 20%
Part B: Report: 30%
Total MarksPart A: 100 marks
Part B: 100 marks


Tertiary students are expected to demonstrate research skills and the ability to critically analyse the value of research sources in a business style report.


BIZ101 Business Communication ProposalPart A: Proposal

In the first part of this assessment, you must write a 600-word report proposal outlining what you will write your report on in response to the topic you or your group chose, as described in Assessment 1.

Please use the following outline to help structure your proposal:

TopicMake sure the purpose of the report is clear, i.e. you are identifying a
communications strategy based on your chosen topic and proposing how
you will implement it.
Use the research you conducted in Assessment 1 to clarify the topic
further and state how you will apply the evidence you gathered.
Outline1.  Provide a proposal outline that will show what you are
Proposalintending on including in your report.
2.  Describe the background of the organisation by providing a brief
description on the business and the communication strategy you
intend on implementing.

Part B: Report

Now that you have decided on your content and structure, you have to write the report. Follow the report structure that you studied in Module 2 and review the marking rubric in this assessment brief on page 3.

It is expected that you will demonstrate in your report:

a comprehensive understanding of the topic you have chosen

evidence of research and application of reliable and relevant evidence critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent arguments

effective communication in the form of professional writing skills, presented in a report format and;

effective referencing skills (APA style)

evidence of a contribution to group effectiveness (if completed as a group assignment) Note: You will not be disadvantaged if you do this individually

Submitting Your Assessment

  1. Check your originality by uploading your assignment to Turnitin.
  1. When less than 20%, submit your assignment through the Assessment Submission area.
  2. Learning Rubrics
AssessmentFailPassCreditDistinctionHigh Distinction
Part A: Proposal OutlineThe proposal does notThe proposal displays anThe proposal accurately andThe proposal accuratelyThe proposal accurately and
effectively show that the writerunderstanding of the selectedsuccinctly displays anand succinctly displays ansuccinctly displays an
50has an understanding of theirtopic but is largely descriptive.understanding of theunderstanding of theunderstanding of the
chosen topic and theselected topic.selected topic.selected topic.
Part A: ProposalThey have not demonstratedThey have demonstrated aThey have successfullyThey have demonstrated aThey have successfully
Structurehow they will outline their topicvery basic outline of how theydemonstrated how they willwell-structured outline ondemonstrated an expert
50into a report structure.will outline their topic into aoutline their topic into atheir report topic withanalysis of how they will
report structure, but lackssome further analysis.outline their topic into a
any structure.
Part B: ReportThe report is primarilyThe report writing generallyThe report shows aThis report shows a highThe report shows skilled use
descriptive, has very little ordemonstrates some businessreasonable understandinglevel of business writingof business writing style and
Writingno business style and thestyle and demonstrates aof business style andstyle and demonstrates acan demonstrates
70meaning is frequently unclear.reasonable ability to discussdemonstrates a soundgood level of discussing theoutstanding ability to discuss
To improve you need tothe topic. To improve youability to discuss the topic.topic. Your work isthe topic. You have shown
demonstrate basic businessneed to show further researchTo improve you can showinsightful and well thoughtoriginality of thought and
knowledge by furtherand document evidence.further analysis of the topic.out.need little or no
Part B: Report StructureIdeas and information are notThe Information is partlyThe information has beenThe organisation andThe use of sections is
20organised according tocategorised into reportstructured but would beformatting of informationthoughtful. Information is
sections expected in thesections, however this needsmade clearer with betterinto the report sections ispresented in an exceptionally
report.improving.organisation.very clear and organised.clear & organised manner.
Part B: ReferencingThere are consistent mistakesThere are some mistakes inThere are minimal mistakesThere are minimalThere are no mistakes in
10in using the APA style forusing the APA style forin using the APA style forformatting errors in usingusing the APA style for
referencing.referencing.referencing.the APA style forreferencing.