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Biology Assignment HelpBiology is a super interesting subject which deals with life in all forms from the very basic and simple unicellular structure like amoeba to highly complex multi-cellular organisms like animals or human beings to even non-cellular ones like some viruses. It is everything about the life and its study. Students have to prepare several Assignments during the course to prove what they have learned so far.

Biology is a vast subject with multiple sub-domains. It is divided into many sub-categories.


This department deals with animal kingdom or more scientifically kingdom Animalia. It is the classification of living organisms such as humans, cows, dogs or anything that comes under the category of animals.


Botany is the science of plants. A plant can vary hugely in shape and size, it might be as small as Wolffia globosa or as huge as Rafflesia arnoldii.


Microbiology is the branch of biology which studies all the microscopic organisms which can be non-cellular, unicellular or multiple-cellular.

Further sub-divisions of biology


Mycology is concerned with the study of fungi with their genetic and bio-chemical properties.


This branch deals with the study of birds. This category falls under zoology branch.


Entomology branch is concerned with the study of the life of insects.


This is the sub-category of zoology that discusses amphibians and reptiles.


This branch is dedicated to the study of fish.

Marine biology

It dedicated to the study of mysterious seas and oceans.


It unravels and interprets the evolution of human species.


It is a broad discipline where living organisms and systems are exploited to make new products or to develop new technologies.

There are many more sub-categories left which is not mentioned above, but our experts cover them all.

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