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This is a solution of your Bio metrics Innovations Assignment Help that describes about Data analysis plays a very important role for achieving the objectives of the research and it further helps in enhancing the overall quality of the dissertation undertaken can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented IT solutions


Data analysis plays a very iBio metrics Innovations Assignment Helpmportant role for achieving the objectives of the research and it further helps in enhancing the overall quality of the dissertation undertaken. It is that part of a study which involves aspects such as documentation, presentation and analysis of the primary data collected from the 4 sample size to assess the biometrics innovations in the banking institutions in Asia and Europe regions. This data collected will also help in supplementing secondary data that have been looked after by the researcher considering different academic literature and other works carried out by scholars and investigator regarding assess of biometrics innovations in the banking institutions in Asia and Europe regions. Sample selected for the study have been interviewed by researcher using Skype internet video technology and its findings arepresented in this chapter. Investigator in total has framed 12 questions to be asked to the respondents considering various aspects with respect to biometric technology to be used in the banking industry. Data was collected on this basis and on the basis of responses proper categorization has been carried out, so as to carry out comprehensive thematic analysis.

Thematic Analysis of Primary Data

Thematic analysis is considered to be one of the qualitative analytic techniques used for extracting and documenting patters concerning specific data collected for the study. It is one of the method that helps researcher in organizing minimal data to be converted into rich information that is further interpreted and deducted from the said data. Thematic analysis is all about dividing collected data into various palpable themes. Theme is designed on the basis of some pertinent component that is reflected in the collected data. These themes entirely depend upon the research questions and represent some degree of a pattern with respect to recorded data. The rationale that can be drawn out of thematic analysis is that it is one of the tool that helps investigator in drawing out comprehensive idea with respect to data collected. However, this cannot be drawn out of any other means of analysis. Even the flexibility of this technique helps in achieving the research objective in a most effective manner and also increases the potential of the research.Bio metrics Innovations Assignment HelpBio metrics Innovations Assignment Help

Theme Categorization

Before categorization of theme researcher need to carry out through thorough analysis process in this regard. Information collected through interviews from the respondents concerning various aspects with respect to biometric technology to be used in the banking industry. Researcher in this respect has gone through responses many times, in order to develop a strong understanding for developing appropriate themes for the collected data. Themes and their Analysis In this part researcher has carried out an analysis process concerning themes that has been drawn out of views and opinions that has been detailed by four respondents who were interviewed for achieving the objectives of the study. Author has also incorporated its interpretation for the purpose of analysis.  Themes have been drawn concerning a meaningful structure and it is entirely based upon the perspectives of each respondent. Theme: 1 Finger print authentication is mostly used biometric technology in financial  institution domain.

Respondent 1 Finger Print Authentication, Hand geometry, voice verification and retinal scanning Respondent 2 Finger Print Scanning Respondent 3 Facial recognition, Signature verification, Key stoke, Hand scan and Hand vein Respondent 4 Iris, Retina scanning, Figure Print Authentication, Hand Geometry, Hand vein and Voice recognition When bank managers of different countries were being asked about different biometric technologies they used in banking domain then majority of the respondents turn out their response in favor of using of finger print authentication. The reason of this preference for finger print authentication was found to be as highly accurate and less time consuming by the respondents i.e. bank managers. Following to finger print authentication, most of respondents also admitted that hand geometry and retina scanning is also widely used biometric technology in banking sector. In addition to this, bank managers also accepted that their banks use voice verification and hand vein in order to provide better security customers with regard to monetary transactions. Managers of banks believes that it is important to adopt biometric technology in 11 the banking domain as it ensures security of money and other assets like gold to the  customers and this lead to increase in reputation of the bank in the minds of clientele.

Theme: 2 Biometric technologies is of significant importance for the banking as well as overall financial industry Respondent 1 ? Important for security of funds and protection of confidential data and assets Respondent 2 ? Enhances overall performance of bank

? It reduces fraudulent activities.

Respondent 3 ? Gives more convenience to consumers for doing of secure transactions.

? Biometric technology saves time of consumer by facilitating quick access or transactions.

Respondent 4 ? Highly good in securing money of customers with utmost easy and convenience. In the above table, responses of respondents with respect to importance of biometric technology can be seen that they considered biometric technology as the most important for security related aspect. Majority of the respondents admitted that biometric technology facilitates security of transaction i.e. funds and data or confidential information. In addition, bank managers also turn out their response by stating that biometric technology proving to be as significant in reducing or eliminating fraudulent activities. Following this response, bank mangers of Asian countries also answered that biometric technology provides more convenience and ease of use accessibility to the user or consumers. They answered that this technology is helping users in reducing the burden related to carrying of plastic cards and remembering of their passwords for doing of transactions at point of sale. So by seeing this aspect related to biometric technology, the fact can be laid down that biometric technology has significant importance in banking sector.

Theme: 3 Biometric technology enabling banking firms to attain security of transaction and data in a larger extent.

Respondent 1 ? In India biometric technology is widely used in banks.

? Yet more improvement is required.

Respondent 2 ? Biometric technology offers wide range

of features with respect to providing of security of funds.

Respondent 3 ? Gives high security of banking transaction to the users.

Respondent 4 ? Biometric technology facilitates greater

security in doing of financial transaction by having good scanning processing. From the interview of bank managers of India and United Kingdom flooring information related to biometric technology was deduced. By evaluating the responses of bank managers of India and UK, it was found that biometric technology has widely been adopted in Indian banks but still much improvement with respect to biometric technology is required in India. Bank managers of Indian banks believed that sound development in biometric technology will provide more security of financial data and transaction to the users as well as banks and this will help banks in increasing their overall performance. Similarly, the bank managers of United Kingdom banks also believed that biometric technologies proving to be highly prolific to the banking institutions as it provides high security in doing of financial transaction. Further, the bank managers also admitted that the scanning process which is used in biometric technology is very effective as it eliminates the fraudulent activities. Further, bank managers also laid down the fact they able to convince customers to use their banking services as their banks are capable enough to provide enough security for financial transaction as well as other assets. So, by seeing this aspect customers are building trust on their banks services.

Theme 4: Retina scan is the most suited biometric technology that can be used within banking industry

Respondent 1 Fingerprint recognition

Respondent 2 Retina scan and fingerprint

Respondent 3 Face recognition scan

Respondent 4 Retina scan

From the above response table it can be interpreted that respondents of India consider that fingerprint scan will be one of the technique that can be deployed in the banking domain of the country. On the other hand differences has been seen in the responses of UK respondents as they responded face recognition and retina scan to be most suited biometric technology that can be used within banking industry. From the analysis it can be said that financial innovation that can be initiated in India in banks can be through incorporation of fingerprint scan. However, in UK face recognition and retina scan has laid down greater focus towards acceptability of biometric technology in the banks. Hence, in India the most acceptable biometric technology that can be deployed in banking industry must be the fingerprint scan for the security of the funds of the consumer. Even it is one of the techniques that is cheap and can be easily acceptable in the banking domain of developing country. But UK being one of the developed economies can deploy technology which has got high investment such as retina and face recognition.

Theme: 5 Finger print scanning is the most convenient security system biometric Technology

Respondent 1 ? Finger Print Recognition

Respondent 2 ? Finger Print Scan

Respondent 3 ? Finger print and voice recognition.

Respondent 4 ? Finger print recognition.

In the above table, it can be seen that majority of the respondents stated that finger print recognition is one of the most convenient and best biometric technology which should be implemented in the banking institution. Bank managers of India see finger print scanning.

biometric technology as the best because it is cheap in cost which can be executed in large extent. Bank managers of Indian banks also believe that finger print scanning biometric technology is comparative cheaper as compared to other biometric technology. In addition to that bank managers of Indian banks also stated in their responses that finger print recognition is one of its kind of biometric technology systems which requires very less space for storage as compared to other biometric technology system. Similarly, the bank managers of United Kingdom banking institution also highly believes that finger print scanning is one of the best biometric technology which can be used successfully in banks as it is lower in cost and also facilitates high security to the both service providers as well as the service users. Following to finger print recognition, bank managers of United Kingdom also gives preference to voice recognition biometric technology. They said voice recognition biometric technology is also highly protective for service users or people for doing of financial transaction by using ATMs or point of sales.

Theme 6: Cash withdrawal, fund transfer, cash deposit and mobile internet banking are considered to be the most suitable place where biometric technique can be used within banking industry.

Respondent 1 Withdrawing cash, fund transfer, cash deposit or other banking operations.

Respondent 2 Withdrawal, fund transfer, balance check for customers. Banks can use it in their mobile and internet banking operations Respondent 3 In point of sale activity and for verifying and processing credit card transactions Respondent 4 Mobile and Internet banking to perform banking transactions such as checking the balance in hand or fund transfer over the telephone One of the interview question asked by the researcher was concerning the banking channels where biometrics technique can prove to be most suitable. In this respect Indian respondent stated that biometric can prove to be best in the area of withdrawal, fund transfer, balance check for customers and banks can use it in their mobile and internet banking operations. However, UK respondents indicated this aspect to be mobile and Internet banking to perform banking transactions such as checking the balance in hand or fund transfer over the telephone. The analysis indicates that in India biometric technique can be used in banking industry for providing services to the customers with respect to withdrawing of their cash, transferring of funds and for checking out their balance. But in this respect UK responses that it can be used in banks for carrying out sale activity and for verifying and processing credit card transactions. Even it can be used for carrying out banking transactions and for checking balance in hand considering their bank accounts. provide best quality assignment writing service in affordable prices and we are providing most flexible assignment writing according to Students need, so book your Assignment with us, order now


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