Behaviors and Performance at Work

Behaviors and Performance at Work


Behaviors and Performance at WorkWorkplace performance and behavior of the employees are regarded as two important integral parts of the business operation management of a firm. The employees are highly responsible for managing the attitude, context, behavior, personality, intelligence and memory for the better workplace performance. The employees are considered to be the real and actual growth drivers of an organization. In addition, the integrated internal psychological factors always have a strong impact on the workplace performance of employees. Positive intelligence factors and strong personality of employees always help to drive a strong employee behavior. On the other hand, the positive intelligence and strong personality aspects always motivate the employees to improve their workplace performance level.

The sharp memory always helps the employee to develop a strong workplace performance oriented behavior. This actually helps in the meeting personal and professional goals. Last but not the least; context is also considered to be an important performance development factor as effective and suitable background helps all the employees and future job seekers to be successful in the professional and individual; Life. This essay will critically evaluate and discuss the role of the important psychological factors, such as personality, intelligence, memory, and context on the on the employees’ performance and behavior within the workplaces.


Personality of an individual is considered to be an important employee’s performance management aspect. According to contemporary professionals, every personality does not have a positive impact on the suitable workplace behavior and performance level. The employees or the job seekers in this contemporary era need to consider some important personality aspects to become successful and help the organizations to achieve the business operation goals. First of all, this will be important enough for the contemporary job seekers to become extrovert as this particular personality trait will assist the individuals to interact with other different individuals of different demographic backgrounds. People with extrovert personality traits will become successful in better customer service management approaches. On the other hand, people with introvert personality trait do not feel comfortable with outgoing approaches, which may affect the management and operation process activities. Apart from extrovert and introvert people, perceivers are people with different personality trait. Perceivers spontaneously respond to the situations and these types of people are open-minded. On the other hand, feelers are another group of people, who are co-operative and sensitive towards others. Judgers are another group of people with different personality traits, who believe in traditional plans and activities. These types of individuals do not believe in the changes within the organizations. Overall, this can be accepted that introvert as well as extrovert personality trait have a strong impact on the workplace behavior and performance level. Considering the contemporary demand, the job seekers need to acquire the extrovert personality trait approaches to become successful as this will assist in ensuring positive workplace behavior and effective performance level. Secondly and most importantly, the employees of this contemporary competitive environment need to develop the higher degree of the motivational approaches. A person with extrovert personality trait believes in self-motivation aspects. Hence, this will become easy for these types of employees or individuals to become successful in any kind of situation as this aspect will help in the development of flexible approaches. On the other hand, the people with introvert psychological traits or personality traits will require support from other colleagues or individuals to get motivated through motivating elements. Hence, the extrovert personality trait is acting as an important psychological factor, which will ensure positive behavior and performance level. Degree of ethics is the third and last personality trait, which actually has a strong impact on the workplace performance and behavior of the employees. People, who are lacking the degree of ethics, can find difficulty in the workplace environment to cope up with other employees. Hence, the contemporary employees and job seekers are being taught to develop strong and positive degree of ethics within themselves for the better credibility, integrity and transparency.

Intelligence can be regarded as relatively a new psychological factor, which can have a strong impact on the job performance and workplace behavior of the employees. There are different types of intelligence traits, such as emotional intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, existential intelligence etc. Emotional intelligence is an important interpersonal psychological factor, which is judged basis on the existing degree of controlling, managing and expressing individual emotion. This emotional intelligence aspect actually helps an employee to become successful in the professional and personal life. People with low emotional intelligence have low control over individual emotional factors. On the other hand, people with the high emotional intelligence can have a strong hold or control on the individual interpersonal psychological factors. People with high emotional intelligence can become successful in different challenging situations as such individuals can become successful by taking care of the needs and satisfaction level of the clients. In addition, this particular intelligence aspect actually helps the employees and individuals to become highly flexible in different challenging situations. Such employees can perform in different stress situations. People with extrovert personality traits avail higher degree of emotional intelligence. On the other hand, people with introvert personality traits generally have lower degree of emotional intelligence. According to the professionals and contemporary management decision makers, the new employees and job seekers need to adopt the higher degree of emotional intelligence as the employees are highly responsible for controlling and managing individual emotion level for better performance level. Most importantly, it has been discovered that the majority of the individuals with higher degree of emotional intelligence have the ability to perform beyond the emotional intelligence factors. Interpersonal intelligence factor also can have a strong impact on the performance level and behavior of the employees within the workplaces as people with higher interpersonal intelligence aspect can tackle the difficult situations tactfully as such individuals are flexible in nature. Similarly, the existential intelligence factor within an individual helps an employee within a firm to identify the smartest way to achieve the organizational goals and professional goals. From the discussion and exploration, it has been acceptable that the intelligence factors can have a strong impact on the workplace performance as people with higher control level can perform in a better way comparing to other people with the lower degree of emotional intelligence. Similarly people with higher interpersonal intelligence and existential intelligence can enhance positive personal and professional goal development and application process. This is also acceptable that the majority of the organizations in this contemporary era looking for hiring the job seekers with positive and extrovert personality traits with higher level of emotional intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and existential intelligence as these are important drivers of success, positive workplace performance and suitable behavior. Most essentially, the company managements need to take care of the motivation level of employees and higher degree of emotional intelligence will assist in maintaining additional emotional interpersonal context of an individual. Hence, the contemporary firms, their management and their employees should consider the personality traits and intelligence aspects quite effectively to ensure effective workplace behavior and performance level.

Similar to the personality traits and intelligence factors, this is acceptable that the modern day organizations give huge importance to the memory of the employees within the workplaces in order to become successful. Memory capacity cannot be similar for all the individuals within the workplaces as the notion of workplace memory capacity can vary from an individual to another individual. Now-a-days, the demand for the hiring and selection of the employees enriched with multitasking performance has increased significantly. The global business environment has become highly competitive and different firms within a similar industry are trying to develop a strong workplace full of several multitasking employees. The degree of multitasking aspect always depends upon the memory and skill level of the employees. Some low skilled employees also can become successful through positive and strong memory capacity, but lack of memory capacity with limited skill level can affect the performance level of the employees. Higher level of memory helps individuals to understand new things, store them in brain matter and apply them in the difficult situations to become successful. Higher degree of the memory capacity actually assists in the development of a strong workplace performance oriented behavior within the employees. In this context workplace motivation also plays an important role. The contemporary firms are supporting the development of positive memory capacity and this particular management approach is helping the employees to boost the individual motivation level. This actually enhances the multitasking approach and improves the overall performance level. Most importantly, the strong memory concept has helped the management of different firms to become a successful multitasking firm. The majority of the MNCs in this contemporary era are strongly trying to develop multitasking workforce through positive workplace memory capacity of employees for better workplace performance level.

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