BBI2354 International Business

BBI2354 International BusinessBBI2354 International Business

Department                      :        Faculty of Business Management & Globalization

Course Name                   :        Introduction to International Business

Deadline Date                  :        Week 12

Unit Controller/Examiner   :        Arif Murti Rozamuri

Ext                                  :        8527

E-mail                              :

In a group of 8 students, write a report, magazine or brochure about launching any international business in your chosen country through any one of the modes of entry (import, franchise, mergers and acquisitions, etc.) At least two countries must be involved.

Assignment format: Optional (report, magazine, brochure)

Number of pages: Optional (10 – 20 is ideal for report or magazine with appropriate pictures)

BBI2354 International Business

Submission deadline: Week 12 (A soft copy and hard copy of the assignment must be submitted)

Presentation: Week 13 and 14

The assignment will contribute to your final grade, you should include the following in your report/magazine:

  • PESTEL analysis of your selected country
  • SWOT analysis
  • At least 1 product/service involved
  • Justify your choice of product and entry mode – i.e. why did you choose this product? Why do you think this entry mode is the best in your chosen country?
  • Numbers – i.e. quantity, cost, price, etc.

Your report must have a proper structure: i.e. Introduction, Conclusion, References, Appendix, etc.