Accounting And Finance

BAM010 Accounting And Finance

Master of Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration

Module: Accounting and Finance [BAM010]

Coursework (October 2017-March 2018 study session)

Submission Deadline: Monday 11 December 2017 by 1pm (1300 hours) GMT

BAM010 Accounting And Finance
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Your overall total word count should not exceed 2,000 words (Marked out of 30 marks, with 30% weighting of final mark for the module)

CASE STUDY: Investment Appraisal: Stevenage Techno Ltd

Stevenage Techno Ltd is considering buying a new machine to expand their production. The machine costs £1.8 million and will last for 6 years. The scrap value of these machines is £150,000. It is expected that the asset will be sold for this value on the last day of the sixth year and that a replacement machine will then be purchased. An investment of £200,000 in working capital will be needed initially. The projected financial data are reported below.

Projected financial data (£)

  Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Projected Sales1,350,0001,450,0001,650,0001,700,0001,550,0001,400,000
Materials & Components(280,000)(300,000)(380,000)(380,000)(300,000)(300,000)
Advertising & Marketing(50,000)(50,000)(50,000)(50,000)(50,000)(50,000)
Allocated overhead(180,000)(180,000)(180,000)(180,000)(180,000)(180,000)
Annual Profit 95,000155,000215,000265,000245,000105,000

The following information is also available:

  1. The machine would be financed with a 4?year bank loan at an interest rate of 11.5% and would be bought on the last day of the company’s previous financial year. 
  1. The expenditure on materials and components, labour and overheads is directly related to the project and would be avoided should this not be undertaken. The overhead of the period is 180,000 p.a. 
  1. Advertising & Marketing costs stated in the table are an apportionment of the company’s total corporate advertising and marketing budget. 
  1. The cost of capital for this type of investment is 12 per cent. The directors set a target accounting rate of return on investment of 14 per cent and a payback period of five years for all projects.

Ignore taxation and inflation.


Assume that you are an external consultant to Stevenage Techno Ltd. You are required to apply a range of methods to carry out an investment appraisal of the project and, based on your results, prepare a written report in which you provide a firm recommendation as to whether the company should invest in this project.

You are also required to:

  • Evaluate the robustness of your findings, making reference to appropriate theory;
  • Suggest and discuss 4 other sources of finance that could be used as an alternative to the proposed bank loan.


Make sure that you state any assumptions you have made and that you justify the investment appraisal methods adopted. You should minimise textbook descriptions of the methods you choose to use.

Include all workings related to the application of investment appraisal methods in an appendix. The report body should include only the final results of these calculations.

Assessment Criteria:

This piece of work is worth 30% of the final module mark. You will be assessed on:


Structure and content of cash flow model

Accuracy of application of investment appraisal techniques

Business application and integration of data and literature:

Coverage and critical evaluation of relevant theory Evidence of reading and research using appropriate sources

Discussion/Analysis/ Evaluation:

Discussion and analysis of results

Justification of recommendations

Structure and presentation

Style & Format:

  • Style:
  • Font size:
  • Line spacing:
  • References:
  • Report
  • 12 pt (preferably Arial)
  • double spacing
  • Harvard style


This is cheating. Do not be tempted and certainly do not succumb to temptation. Plagiarised copies are invariably rooted out and severe penalties apply. All assignment submissions are electronically tested for plagiarism. More information may be accessed via:

Penalties for exceeding the word count:

There are penalties for exceeding the specified word count.

The maximum word limit for this coursework assignment is 2,000 words (excluding the list of references).

You may use less than 2,000 words but in so doing you may be penalizing yourself as it is likely to be challenging to respond to the coursework brief.

You MUST state an accurate word count (excluding the list of references) at the end of your work. If you do not state an accurate word count your mark will be reduced by 5 marks.

The content within the main body of text comprises the overall word count, including in-text citations, references, quotes, heading and sub-headings. The cover page, reference list and any appendices do not count towards the overall word count.

If you submit more than 2,000 words the following penalties apply:

  1. Up to 10% more than 2,000 words – your mark will be reduced by 5 marks;
  2. For more than 10% than 2,000 words you will receive zero marks for this work.

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