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English language bears a great importance because it is the official language used in 88 countries all over the world. However, there is a lot of difference between speaking English and composing a written paper in English.

Writing in English can be considered as an art form having a free-flowing composition style but yet strict in its structure. Here, at Instant Assignment Help our online expert writers will help the students to gain mastery in English by providing the best English assignment help to score A+ grades.

While writing an English Assignment, the toughest portion that come across is the literature portion. There are mainly three different types of English language and the graduates pursuing a degree in the English language must know the differences between them to prepare the best English Assignment

The different types of English Assignment are:

  1. British English: It is the language written & spoken in the UK. It includes various combinations of dialects spoken in different parts of Britain.
  2. American English: The American English is very much different from British English in terms of spellings.
  3. Australian English: This pattern of language differs from both the American and British English language in terms of spelling and pronunciation.
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The basic rules that must be followed while writing an English assignment:

The punctuation rules must be strictly followed while writing an English assignment.

The significant punctuation are:

  • The Comma: Basically used to separate parts of a sentence so that the meaning becomes more clearer for the audience.
  • The Period: It is used to end a sentence and is also used after an abbreviation.
  • The Semicolon: It is used to separate items in a list or can be used to highlight a relationship between two parts of a sentence.
  • The Dash: It is used to enclose a set of words in a sentence where a list of items is separated by a comma.

These rules must be followed properly for drafting an English assignment that would earn you an A+ grade.

Our recently covered topics in English:

  • Why Do I Have to Study English?: English is a mandatory subject in years 11 and 12, but aside from that, there are a couple.
  • Subject and Object Pronouns: Direct and Indirect Objects: An object pronoun replaces a noun in object position.
  • Subject on a Small Scale– home-grown vocabularies: Research project on vocabulary design.

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