ACCG 308 Assignment 1 Business Plan Report

ACCG 308 Assignment 1 Business Plan Report

ACCG 308 Assignment 1 Business Plan Report
The purpose of this assignment is to create a short but comprehensive three-year business plan for a new for-profit business venture. You will then benchmark your plan against plans by your peers in Assessment Task 2.

The plan should be a maximum of 9 pages, including financial information as per below, but excluding references. ANY MATERIAL BEYOND THE PAGE LIMIT WILL NOT BE MARKED.

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Heritage Cultural Tourism Management | What Is Tourism|Cultural Tourism

Heritage Cultural Tourism Management | What Is Tourism|Cultural Tourism

Heritage Cultural Tourism Management | What Is Tourism|Cultural Tourism

This unit looks at heritage and cultural management and its role within the travel and tourism sector. Throughout the unit learners will gain an awareness of definitions of heritage and culture, the organisations involved in the management of heritage and the different types of ownership.

This unit will provide an in-depth understanding of the growth and development of the heritage and cultural industry. Learners will also be able to look at potential conflicts within the industry and the influence of technology.
Learners will also be expected to investigate the role and scope of interpretation within this sector and its impact on participants and management.
The aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain understanding of the heritage and cultural industry, the organisations within it, the purpose of attractions and methods of interpretation.

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Dissertation Assignment Help

Dissertation Assignment Help


The behaviour of the customers is one of the major aspects of an organisation in order to set effective strategic plan to gain competitive advantage from the market. The buying behaviour of the customers can help an organisation to analyse their targeted customers and to set a proper business plan in order to promote their products and services in the market. As it is found that, the parameter of the competition in the market are increasing day by day, companies are using the help of different plans to attract the new customers and to retain their existing customers. The major objective of the companies is to develop an effective strategic plan to attract the attention of their target customers in the market. The following chapter will try to deal with the basic ideas of the research topic based on the impact of the celebrity endorsement and brand advertising on the buying behaviour of the customers. The chapter will try to highlight the background of the company, different research questions and objectives that can help the researcher to gain further knowledge and information as the research progress.

 Research Aim

The aim of the following research is to try to investigate the behaviour of the customers and their decision-making process related to the effect of the advertising a brand and endorsement of the celebrity. In this research, the researcher will try to analyse different aspects related to the customers' behaviours in order to analyse its effects in the strategic plan of the company. The researcher selected the Burberry in order to analyse the impact of the celebrity endorsement and brand advertisement in better and detailed way. The researcher will try to take the help of different theories and models to create a relationship between the customer's buying behaviours with the celebrity endorsement and brand advertisement.

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MKG101 Integrated Marketing Communications

MKG101 Integrated Marketing Communications

MKG101 Integrated Marketing Communications,

Assessment Brief

Program Bachelor of Business

Subject code MKT103A/ MKG101

Subject name MKG101 Integrated Marketing Communications

Assessment title Assessment 1 - Individual Blog Activity

Group or individual Individual

Length Maximum 1800 words over 6 blogs (+/- 10%)

a. Describe the principles of Marketing Communications
b. Identify and analyse communication problems
through the application of communication models
Learning outcomes addressed c. Explain how the web was the genesis for changing
the rules of marketing, public relations and media
d. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of new
media tools used to design integrated marketing
communication plans.
Submission date 11:55pm Sunday of Week 6

Total marks 100 Marks

Weighting 30%

Assessment Brief:

Starting in Week 3, students are required to review a current integrated marketing communications campaign of their choice. The review should identify the types of media used; a discussion as to their relevance and effectiveness; an analysis of the way in which the IMC tools used are integrated; and an assessment of the overall effectiveness of the campaign. The review will take the form of 6 blog entries over a 3 week period, finishing in week 5 and uploading a URL link to the assessment submission area in week 6.

As part of this review you will be required to refer to any relevant theory in your analysis and provide a Bibliography at the end of each blog entry.

The blogs can be created by using , or any other similar blog site of your choice
1 MKT103A.MKG101 Assess 1 Individual Blog Activity T1 2017.docx
© Laureate International Universities 2017

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Database Implementation Queries | Database Management System

Database Implementation Queries | Database Management System

Due Date: Database Implementation Queries
Friday Week 11 (See Course Description for further date and time).
To analyse and comprehend a provided ER diagram and Database Schema
To implement a database based on the provided ER diagram and Database Schema
To write required SQL statements to query the database
Project Specification
The management team of BigM now require a partial implementation of the design made
in Assignment 1. In order to keep consistency between the assignments, database
specification containing the ER diagram and the schema is provided in this document. You
should create your database according to this documentation. Please make sure that your
implementation is consistent with this design. This means that your table names (upper
case), field names (mixed case, no spaces) and data types have to be according to the
specifications provided in this document. The implementation phase includes writing SQL
statements to create a database and its tables, populating the tables with data, writing a
number of queries to create reports that can be used by the management team. Your
database should contain sufficient data in each table (at least, 5 to 10 records in each
table; some may require less or more) to demonstrate that your queries work.

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Human resources management Assignment Help

Human resources management Assignment Help


Human resources management Assignment Help is direct with reference to state about the vital bodies of each and every organisation. It is where they are referred to be a direct associative body of the enterprise. Into which, they are the main responsible parties to handle crucial functionalities of the entire firm. It is thus important for the respective entities to manage the correspondent team of personnel in a significant manner. This is basically with a fine cogitation in which they are together required to render some amenable surrounding of working to their appointed workforce.  It is with a significant existence of providing them a flexible place to work along with considerable working hours (Fulton and et al., 2011). This is to fundamentally match with the recent prevalence of market reforms where the employees spiritedly work onto a pressurised state of multi-tasking. Such implementation reflects the desired stature of working with the huge deliberation of performing in a standardized format.

The below report is based upon a similar conception and a fine demonstration of such enforcements in the Unilever firm of UK. It is amongst one of the most famed organisations that mainly operate in the market of UK and Ireland with Anglo- Dutch brand recognition of their consumer products.

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SPO102 Sports Marketing

SPO102 Sports Marketing

SPO102 Sports Marketing,
This assessment item will require students to take a position or stance by creating a critical argument (Click here for academic writing guide of a current controversial International or domestic issue in sports and/or recreation examining the marketing implications by using sound theory and reasoning as support. Each issue below has some media (videos and website links) links to help you in creating your argument. You also need to search for additional information on your chosen topic. Choose one of these topics to complete your argument.

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Applied Regression Analys | Regression Coefficient Interpretation

Applied Regression Analys | Regression Coefficient Interpretation

Applied Regression Analys | Regression Coefficient Interpretation

Requirements: Applied Regression Analys latest completion dates for the different assignments are given elsewhere in this syllabus, as well as in the individual modules. (Modules are simply segments of reading and testing material.) Any/all module–work may be done at any time prior to taking the corresponding assessment quizzes. These quizzes, based on sequential module work (11 in all) are scheduled as follows: Quiz#1: Thursday, June 5th; Quizzes 2 and 3: Tuesday, June 10th:

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The current flood of universal psychological oppression, the terrorist activities on a global scale, and the expanded worries about drug trafficking have prompted to an expanded concentration money laundering, and the regulations for controlling these. Truth be told, illegal avoidance of governmental obligations in the form of money laundering is not a late marvel and has disturbed the brains of policy regulators and controllers for a long time. The structural appearance might vary from one instance to the other, yet unlawful or illicit exercises that go about in the form of promoters to money laundering have dependably scanned for procedures to transform their returns into usable resources from a legal viewpoint. The individuals associated with criminal activities utilize the monetary framework with an aim that they would be able to allot their resources and make those illegal resources seem legitimate[1]. The measurement of the volume and advancement of sorted out wrongdoing and additionally the outcomes of illegal activities in the form of money laundering has been finished by a couple of specialists, as it were. The Walker demonstrate depends on appraisals of the degree of different distinctive sorts of wrongdoings in single nations around the globe, assessments of the returns coming about because of these wrongdoings and the likelihood of those returns being washed. Walker decides the laundering pathways by an engaging quality record which depends on a scope of variables that express the open doors and dangers displayed by the money related entities/foundations in every nation. Different specialists have asserted that this way to deal with the measurement of the illegal activities leading to money laundering is ostensibly better than those in light of the investigation of monetary exchanges since there is no potential for the twofold including inalienable in the layering and arrangement phases of illegal avoidance of governmental obligations or money laundering forms[2]. T

                [1]  Laurence Webb, “A survey of money laundering reporting officers and their attitudes towards

money laundering regulations”J.M.L.C  7.4 (2004): 370

                [2] Noriaki Yasaka, "Knowledge management in international cooperation for anti-money laundering," Journal of Money Laundering Control 20.1 (2017): 30.


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LSBM302 Corporate Risk Management

LSBM302 Corporate Risk Management

LSBM302 Corporate Risk Management

  1. Assessment 1 Details

5.1          Task

A review of Corporate Risk Failure - AIB/Allfirst (2002)

Banking failures due to weaknesses in risk management were exposed by the Global Financial Crisis in 2007-08. However, cases before this are informative as they highlight the importance of learning from business history and applying a critical perspective to continuing failures.

In 2002 John Rusnak, a "lone wolf" currency trader at Allfirst, racked up losses of almost US$700 million. It was Ireland's biggest banking scandal, and the fourth-biggest banking scandal in the world, at the time when it came to light. External advisors, law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz reviewed the Allfirst treasury operation and produced a report (better known as the Ludwig report) providing advice to the boards of Allfirst and its parent, Allied Irish Banks (AIB).

You are given this report and three additional case studies on AIB/Allfirst, highlighting different perspectives: corporate governance, e-risk and financial risk.

You are required to:

  • Produce an assessment of the AIB/Allfirst failure with specific reference to its risk management
  • Draw on the evidence provided (the report and 3 case studies)
  • Ensure that you draw directly on the course and the teaching of each week to apply a corporate risk management perspective.
  • Use appropriate models, frameworks and example.
  • Use a range of academic sources for your report.
  • Use Harvard referencing throughout for your citations and the reference list.
  • Focus on analysis from the perspective of (a) Assessment of risk, (b) Risk response and (c) Risk governance and regulatory risk.

The assessment should be in the form of a report with the following structure:

  1. Introduction 

Provide an overview of:

  1. The AIB/Allfirst failure
  1. A summary of the key reasons why Allfirst failed – based on the literature.
  1. Assessment of risk
  1. Identify key risks and
  1. Classify these risks into categories - use recognised frameworks and models.
  1. Risk response 
  1. Review how AIB/Allfirst responded to its risk exposure and/or
  1. Identify any gaps and shortfalls in its approach by critically applying models and frameworks designed to measure and model different business risks
  1. Highlight any relevant aspects of Risk governance and regulatory risk
  1. Findings and conclusions
  1. Summarise the key points that explain why and how AIB/Allfirst failed from a risk management perspective
  1. Analyse, synthesise and evaluate the data to establish solutions
  1. Make recommendations to minimise the possibility of such failures happening in the future.

5.2          Submission requirements

You are required to submit this assignment by Friday/09 March 2018/3pm. You must submit your assignment by using the Turnitin gateway in the module’s Canvas site.

Please Note: The act of submitting your work electronically will be taken as an acceptance of the Declaration of Authorship (see Appendix 2).

  1. Extensions and Mitigating Circumstances

Applications for extensions and mitigating circumstances, with supporting evidence (such as medical certificates), should be made through the Student Self-service Portal (SSP).

6.1          Extensions

If a student experiences unforeseen circumstances that may prevent the student submitting an assignment at the first opportunity, it is possible to request an extension of up to two weeks. The length of extension requested will be evaluated by the Academic Administrator.

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Hospitality Management | Hospitality Management Careers | Utalca

Hospitality Management | Hospitality Management Careers | Utalca

Hospitality Management | Hospitality Management Careers | Utalca

Unit 1: The Contemporary Hospitality Industry Unit 2: Finance in the Hospitality Industry Unit 3: Customer Service Unit 4: Research Project Unit 5: Food and Beverage Operations Management Unit 6: Rooms Division Operations Management Unit 7: The Developing Manager Unit 8: Marketing in Hospitality Unit 9: Human Resource Management for Service Industries Unit 10: Work-based Experience Unit 11: Resource Management in Hospitality Unit 12: Hospitality Operations Management Unit 13: Conference and Banqueting Management Unit 14: Hospitality Contract and Event Management Unit 15: On-Licensed Trade Management Unit 16: Sales Development and Merchandising Unit 17: Quality Management in Business Unit 18: Facilities Operations and Management Unit 19: External Business Environment Unit 20: Business Health Check Unit 21: Small Business Enterprise Unit 22: Cellar and Bar Operations Management Unit 23: Law for Licensed Premises

Unit 24: Brewing Science Unit 25: Menu Planning and Product Development

Unit 26: Planning and Managing Food Production and Beverage Service 145 Unit 27: Contemporary Gastronomy Unit 28: World Food Unit 29: Creative Patisserie Unit 30: New Product Development in Food Unit 31: Food Safety Management Unit 32: Nutrition and Diet Unit 33: The Sport and Leisure Sector Unit 34: Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management Unit 35: The Entertainment Industry and Venue Management Unit 36: Sport and Leisure Tourism in the UK Unit 37: The Travel and Tourism Sector Unit 38: Sustainable Tourism Development Unit 39: Tourist Destinations Unit 40: Tour Operations Management Unit 41: Personal and Professional Development Unit 42: Employ ability.

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Economic Environments Assignment Help

Economic Environments Assignment Help


Economic Environments Assignment Help proper strategy for the growth and success of a business can only be formulated and adopted if the internal and the external environments related to the economic aspect of that business organization are thoroughly analyzed and evaluated. The analysis of the internal environment should be conducted on the basis of the strengths and weaknesses of that environment. Whereas the analysis of the internal environment may seem to be a rather simple and straightforward job for the organizations, the analysis of the external environment is quite complex and laden with a number of peculiarities. This is because of the fact that the analysis of the external environment should not only be based on the general analysis of the external environment but also on the critical understanding of the market competition, the competitive entities, the viability of the implemented strategies to handle the level of competition, and the threats and opportunities involved in the scenario that is being analyzed(De Giovanni, 2012) . Therefore, it is a critical process which needs immense effort. However, successful business strategies can be adapted and developed by the collection of proper analysis of both the internal and the external economic environments related to an organization. Furthermore, it is also important for an organization to properly identify and evaluate the core resources of the organization, the fields of the core competency, the level of the capability, thorough analysis of the value chain and its relationship with the capabilities and the available resources of that organization (Menguc, Auh, & Ozanne, 2009). This paper attempts to critically analyze the internal and the external economic environment of the Apple Inc., a leading brand from the information technology sector on the global scenario, in order to develop a proper understanding of the impact of these environments on the organizational operations of the company and how the potential strategies can be developed and implemented in to properly handle the implications and ensure the organizational success.

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