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1      Project Description

1.1         Project Description and Background

Australian assignment writerThe Indigenous Australians are the descendants of the people who lived in Australia and the surrounding Islands prior to the colonization to the Europeans. In Australia, there are two distinct groups; Torres Strait Islanders who occupy the north York in Queensland and the Aboriginal people who come from different parts of Australia. Since there is a great diversity in terms of the languages spoken, culture and beliefs, the term indigenous Australians is often used as a collective identity to refer to hundreds of diverse groups.

Research indicates that just about 30 percent of the general Australian communities have established social interactions with the Indigenous people. As at the time of colonization, about 700 languages were spoken by different Indigenous groups through the country. Interestingly, some of these languages have been actively revived and reclaimed after colonization, most of these languages are still spoken and several traditional cultures have stood the test of time and adapted to colonization.

To create a sustainable future, people must be willing to identify with a variety of new cultures. Given that language is a dominant elementary unit of cultures and the indigenous cultures happen to be the strongest models in Australia, it goes without saying that it is high time we embraced their languages in our curriculum.

As a result, I propose a concept that will incorporate Indigenous languages in the campus signs. This will not only promote a bilingual experience while travelling down the campus roads but also foster a sense of pride and strong cultural identity among these marginalized communities.

1.2      Key Deliverables


Key deliverableIndigenous language campus signs
Sub-deliverable 1Translation of campus signs in indigenous language
Sub-deliverable 2Inscription of indigenous language on campus signs

 1.3         Justification

The inscription of indigenous language on campus sign language will create the awareness of the cultural diversity that is present in the institution. Additionally, it will allow the students understand that there are different cultures that are present in the institution and learn to appreciate each culture. Besides, it is one of the ways of fighting racial discrimination that sadly, has been prevalent in Australia (Tierney, 2016). It is imperative to understand that a majority of the population are aware of the indigenous groups but do not understand how importance the indigenous culture is to these people. It has been found that one of ways of embracing cultural diversity is through recognition of the different cultures that are present in the society (Tierney, 2016). Interestingly, learning institutions are one of the vehicles that can be employed in the promotion of cultural diversity in the society since students learn and are absorbed into the world.

As identified earlier 700 different languages that were spoken by the indigenous people but these were lost during colonization (Tierney, 2016). However, having the program of indigenous sign language on campus signs will not only revamp the languages but also create an interest in students to want to learn about the Aboriginal people. That way they are able to understand some of their practices and culture. Therefore, the importance of incorporating indigenous language on campus sign posts will be influential in raising awareness on the importance of cultural diversity in the society.

1.3.1     Output / Outcome / Benefit


Incorporation of indigenous language on campus sign posts




Create awareness on cultural diversity present in the society.Improved relations between students from different cultures within the institution with about 25% of the students agreeing that they have improved on their relations. Increase in interest in social science courses with an increase of 17% in the registration of the courses.

1.3.2     Justification statement

The inclusion of indigenous language on sign posts will improve relations between students from different cultures and promote cultural diversity in the institution and society at large.

2      High level risks

2.1      Risk 1

Language BarrierDistorts meaningMiscommunication


2.2      Risk 2

Language diversityNo full exact translationsMiscommunication

3      Schedule and Cost

3.1      Schedule for Key Deliverables

Key DeliverableStart DateEnd Date
1.    Indigenous language campus signs3rd February 201817th November 2018
2.    Interpretation of campus sign into indigenous language7th  February 201810th May 2018
3.    Inscription of indigenous language on campus signs13th May16th August 2018

3.1.1     Proposed Lifecycle: Waterfall (Traditional) or Agile

Waterfall cycle

Reason: Considering that the project does not have uncertain requirements and is small in nature then it was important to use the waterfall cycle (Everett & McLeod, 2007). Additionally, it would allow for a review to be carried out at the end of each phase.

3.2      Summary Budget:

estimated project budget is $4500

Activities DeliverablesFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNov
1.    Indigenous language campus signs$1000$200$50$100$200
2.    Translation of campus signs in indigenous language$300$50
3.    Inscription of indigenous language on campus signs$3000

3.2.1    Proposed Contract Type

Fixed Term Contract

Reason: It will allow for the termination of the contract once the specific purpose of the contract has been completed.

4      Stakeholders


Sponsor / Supplier / User

2NAIDOC CommitteeSponsor
3The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenization CommitteeSupplier
4School administrationSponsor
6Domino printer scienceSupplier

5      Governance

5.1      Structure of Project Board

Board RoleDetails
Senior ExecutiveName: Morris

Position: School Committee

Organisation: The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenization Committee

Senior UserName: Nicholos

Position: Student

Organisation: University of (central queensland melbourne)

Senior SupplierName: Benjamin Mitchelle

Position: Co-Chair

Organisation: NAIDOC Committee

5.2      Project Manager

Prior to project board meetings the project manager should send a status report to the project board members for their consideration. The project manager is not a member of the project board but does attend board meetings to brief the project board members and answer any questions they may have on the status of the project.

5.3      Project Approvals

Requires approval of successful completion / achievement.Approver

(Name, Position, Organisation)

1. Key Deliverable Morris, School Committee, The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenization Committee
2. Sub Deliverable 1Benjamin Mitchelle,Co-Chair, NAIDOC Committee
3. Sub Deliverable 2Benjamin Mitchelle,Co-Chair, NAIDOC Committee
4. Project has achieved the benefits.Morris, School Committee, The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenization Committee

Charter Approval

The undersigned acknowledge that they have reviewed the Our Language Is Important Charter and agree with the information presented within this document.

Print Name:Morris
Title:Senior Executive
Organisation:The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenization Committee


Everett, G., & McLeod, R. (2007). Software testing. New York: Wiley-IEEE.

Lock, D. (2013). Project management. Burlington, Vt: Gower.

Tierney, S. (2016). Accommodating cultural diversity. London: Routledge.

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