Article review- Security of Enterprise System

An enterprise can function effectively when the operations are conducted by ensuring the safety of information. In today’s world, organizational systems operate by using cloud-based computing systems and therefore data confidentiality and integrity is necessary to maintain. Unauthorized access is a growing risk that is handled by ensuring enterprise security.

Article 1

In an enterprise, ensuring security is a government strategy because it reduces the risk of losing essential and confidential data. After reviewing this article, it was understood that enterprise security is essential in business because a business uses multiple storage technologies such as Google Drive, Amazon s3 and DropBox. The authors have listed two types of business models in order to deal with security issues. These are Enterprise Cloud provider model and secondly Enterprise Cloud consumer model (Ramachandran, 2019). The former one can be used by an enterprise and it is computing system that delivers various Web services. This can help in creating web applications as well. The latter is used to deal with consumers because they are regarded as the principal stakeholders. This model is essential to consider because cloud consumer is regarded as the person that utilizes cloud provider to maintain businesses. The ultimate goal of the article is to find the best solutions to implement security measures. The transition has occurred and over the past decades, it has been noticed that one of the key research areas in government agencies is security assurance.

The authors clearly identified that certain standardization techniques like ITIL and OVF 2010 can ensure security and sustainability. These great platforms can run independently and ensure an open and secure system. The software packages can help in running virtual machines. Moreover, services, data, and target applications can be efficiently stored.

Article 2

The article has been written by emphasizing on the fact that changes in the IT industry have affected the ways social engagement is done. Cloud-based computing systems have been introduced in order to ensure security in an enterprise. Due to a noticeable shift in web and PCs, security threat has become an issue. Hence, the authors emphasized the introduction of new security models. Challenges are sure to come but there has to be a paradigm shift. Therefore, Big Data techniques can be utilized by enterprises to intelligently manage security issues. Particularly, while dealing with customers, an operational model should be developed as suggested by the authors. Further, the emphasis has been given upon Security 360 degree. An adaptive and cognitive approach like Security 360 degree can be useful in protecting the company assets that are mission-specific as well as critical for the enterprise (Rao et al., 2016).

In a corporation like IBM, security threats from cybercriminals are rampant and they use malware to hack security systems. Hence, it is essential for the organization to detect threats and penetrate deeply in order to strengthen the defense system. The company has developed “IBM Security Guardian Data Protection” in order to minimize risks and ensure that sensitive data remain safe from unwanted threats.

Article 3

The article is focused on systematically identifying the metrics of system security. A survey has been conducted by focusing upon cyber-attack defense systems. According to the authors, the metrics involves defense power, vulnerabilities, threat severity and last but not the least, metric situations. The existing security metrics have its pros and cons. In order to function efficiently, an organization must ensure complete understanding of the concept of information security management (Pendleton et al., 2017).  It is crucial in order to minimize the risks involved while operating a business using computing services. Security in the areas of human resources, technical aspects as well as organizational aspects must be considered. According to the authors, there is a requirement of security metrics because technology is the ultimate way of operating a business in today’s competitive world and productivity can be ensured only when security metrics are measured effectively. The focus should be given upon strengthening the communication center of the organization because it is the center of the IT system.

Further, the article has been written to emphasize companies whose entire operations are dependent upon information storage. Hence, one of the priorities of the managers should be ensuring organizational security. It has been understood that security metrics is an essential tool because it facilitates the decision-making process and helps in improving the security efficiency of the organization. A country’s laws and regulations can further help the administration to ensure security.

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