ARTICLE CRITIQUE ASSIGNMENT HELPIn article critique you need to summarize the whole article keeping a central theme or idea in mind. At the end of the writing paper you need to reach that point in the coherent manner. Critique writing involves through evaluation of the given piece of the writing.

 Article critique writing is usually one of the most underestimated things because of the very simple explanation of this term. But, in reality, article critique writing is more complex than it may seem. At first glance, it is presumed as simply writing a summary of an article. But, you have to make your entry one hundred percent personal which translates to unique. And, articles provided by the instructor are generally very long and detailed out of which you are supposed to derive your own opinion and pen it down.  You do not have the liberty of skipping on any section of the article. You need to maintain the flow of the paper throughout.  Now, that sounds quite a tough task because there have to be certain sections that are downright boring and uninteresting.

Your article critique should be precise and impressive. The reader should be left awestruck and absolutely impressed after reading your writing.

Apart from the above problems every student has his/her own set of issues like time problem, family problem, lack of experience problem, bad writing skills problem, excessive pressure problem and so on. It can be any kind of problem and should not distract you from your goal.

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