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Article Analysis Business Assignment Help | Article Analysis Assignment Help

University assignment help on article analysis are common for the business management students. In the article analysis assignment help, firstly you have to select one article and havArticle Analysis Business Assignment Helpe to do the following task in the article analysis:

Briefly summarize the business management article.

Identify challenges presented in each article.

How do these challenges affect on companies.

How manager overcome these challenges.

This paper discusses the article analysis assignment help related to the staffing challenges in food and beverage operations. Additionally, this paper briefly summarizes the each article and identifies the challenges presented in each article. This business assignment help paper also discusses the impact of these challenges on operations. At the end, this paper also provides suggestions for the manager to overcome from these challenges in significant manner.

Article Analysis Assignment Help Example

Razalli, Abdullah, S. & Hassan, M. G. (n.d.). Developing a Model for Islamic Hotels: Evaluating Opportunities and Challenges. Universiti Utara Malaysia, 42, p. 91-95.

Brief Summary of the article analysis:

This article analysis discussed the challenges and opportunity of Islamic hotels in Islamic countries in effective way. In this article, researchers also discussed the establishment of business model for Islamic hotels in order to increase the numbers of visitors in the hotel. Moreover, in the article, researcher also focused on the discussion of opportunities, issues and challenges in the process of developing the model of Islamic hotels in Malaysia and considers the cultural and regional issue. Further, researcher identified the opportunities for the Islamic hotels in the Islamic countries. In this, they stated that there are lots of opportunities for the Islamic hotels in manufacturing, processing and distribution of products, additives and food ingredients.

Moreover, in the research, researchers has also asserted that an Islamic hotel faces some issues such as no alcohol, Halal food only, and conservative staff dress, separate recreational facilities for men and women, women floor only and guest dress code. At the end, researcher also provided some suggestion for the Islamic hotels that can support them to develop effective business model in the country.

Staffing Challenge and Its Effects:

In this article, researcher explained the staffing challenge related to the floor for man and women in food and beverage operations in hotels. In this, researchers stated that in Islamic countries, food and beverage can only serve to women by the staffing of women only and men by staffing of men only that can make more difficult the schedule of staffing. This situation also creates the huge challenge for the hotel company in creating effective operations in serving food and beverage facilities to the customers. Difficult staffing schedule also creates issues for the company in terms of increasing the number of employees that lead the hoteliers for extra cost.

This challenge also affect the food and beverage operations of Islamic hotel because in order to provide effective and efficient faculties and services for both men and women, company needs to hire and recruit more staff and manage these staff more effectively. It impacts negatively on the operations and the profitability of the organization.

Suggestions to Overcome From Challenges:

In order to overcome the staffing challenges, manager should recruit the more staff according to the numbers of the customers and the facilities. It can support manager to provide effective facilities for both men and women in the food and beverage operations. Manager should also provide effective training to the existing employees and introduce development programs to improve their serving manner and behavior. Through this, manager can develop the skills of employees in order to attain more customers in less time. Additionally, it will be beneficial for managers to reduce the cost of the company and improve the food and beverage operations in the organization.

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