Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

Task Details

Annotated Bibliography Assignment HelpThis written assessment is designed to assist students to develop skills in research and analysis in relation to human resource issues and the requirements of academic referencing. The secondary purpose of this assessment task is to give students the opportunity to enhance their analytical and critical thinking, and written communication skills.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

Your task is to compile an Annotated Bibliography (1000 words ±10%) of three recent peer reviewed journal articles, which will support your Assessment 2 Essay.

Assessment Criteria

Your submission will be assessed on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria:

  • Research: (15%) Demonstratresearch undertaken of the academic literature and identified three academic peer reviewed journal articles in the date range 2011 to current (one of which has been provided by the Unit Coordinator) relevant to the Assessment 2 essay topic. (Note: if you do not identify an academic peer reviewed journal, you will not receive any marks in relation to that article across the criteria.)
  • Analysis:  (45%) Provide a brief overview of the main ideas of each of the journal articles. Clearly evidence how a number of HRM functions link to each other and the broader organisational strategy.  For each journal article you are to write approximately 300 words in two paragraphs. The first paragraph should describe the articles and its research, summarizing the   main ideas, stating the hypothesis, purpose, research methodology, and conclusion/results. The second paragraph should identify how you will use the article content in relation to the Essay. Journal articles that do not involve empirical studies also may be used. Use in text referencing to support your discussion in the paragraphs. (This must be written in third person.)
  • Referencing:(15%) Reference the journal articles according to the exact detail of the CQU APA Referencing Guide, for the reference list, and the in text referencing.