Analysis of The Importance of Outdoor Advertisement

Analysis of The Importance of Outdoor Advertisement

1. Introduction

Analysis of The Importance of Outdoor AdvertisementThe outdoor advertisements being the earliest form to attract and lure the consumers are still relevant in the context of post-globalized market conditioning. The developing technology has though been changing the order of the advertisement and the online ads are getting much preference to the bill board ads, conducted surveys are illustrating something else. The recent researches have made it evident that the fleeting peeps at the advertisements helps the consumers to change their consumption behaviour and the inclination toward the displayed product get enhanced with the time.

The Next plc, UK, one of the retail giants of the country is lacking the innovative billboard advertisement strategies and in-depth analyses into the issue has shown that their alignment toward technologically developed device instead of the earlier forms have hampered their extensive affect on the consumers. During 2010-2011, NEXT plc, though expected higher growth in EPS (Earning per share), the increment rate was minimal. The amount of turnover just got enhanced by only 1%, which made it clear that the company failed to attract the consumers in their expected manner (, 2015). The retail giant then focused on the billboard advertisement to enhance the attractiveness of the product but faced some deterrence in this field. The dissertation thus deals with the effectiveness of outdoor campaign in respect to the company.

1.1. Research Rationale

The issue of the research is to evaluate the effect of the outdoor advertisements in attracting the new consumers. Next plc, UK lacking innovative ideas along with the required crisp and twist in billboard advertisement is facing severity in this segment of public address. The researcher here focuses on the effectiveness of the outdoor advertisement strategies of Next plc to lure the consumption behaviour.

Reeves (2014 pp.236) notes down, that implementation of billboard advertisement in the age digital marketing is the new strategy of the companies to restore the earlier form of representation with afresh technological booting. The introduction of digital outdoor ads has been creating distraction to the commuters and the Government of UK has been implementing policies to hinder such effort in a bid to enhance road safety.

Next plc, is putting its bid to digital outdoor advertising and facing the repugnance from the article 67 of Control of Advertisement regulations. The digital display boards are affecting public safety and the company lies in the verge of creating newer advertisement policy to address the outdoor advertisement market (William, 2008 pp.156). The issue thus seems significant in contemporary market conditioning.

1.2. Research Aim

The major aim of the research is to evaluate the effect of the outdoor advertisement on the consumers of NEXT Plc. The research looks into the immediate effect of the billboard advertisements and the changing rate of consumption.

1.3. Research Objectives

  • To evaluate the effect of the outdoor advertisements on the consumers
  • To examine whether the outdoor ads effectively enhance the attractiveness of the product
  • To locate if the consumption behaviour gets changed with effective outdoor advertisement strategies
  • To find out whether the outdoor advertisement is applicable even in the era of digitalized and online marketing

1.4. Research Questions

  • What is the effect of the outdoor advertisements on the consumers?
  • Does outdoor advertisement encourage the attractiveness of the product?
  • What is the impact of the outdoor advertisement on the consumption behaviour?
  • Is outdoor advertisement effective enough in the era of virtual and digitalized marketing?

1.5. Research Hypothesis

The researcher hereby anticipates the outcome of the research and the hypothesis is framed in this way.

The major hypotheses of the research are:

H1: Outdoor advertisement is the most effective tool even in the era of online and digital marketing

H0: Outdoor advertisement is not as effective as the online medium in the age of post-globalization and post-consumerism

2. Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

This chapter deals with the previous research works done on this subject and also includes the detail references of the existing literature. The outdoor advertisement and its impact on the customers here have been dealt under the light of various theories and models.

 2.2 Conceptual Framework

(Source: Created by Author)

2.3 Concept of Outdoor advertisement

According to Joseph (2010 pp.423), the outdoor advertisement is the tool which displays and explains the product in an innovative and crispy manner so that the customer can get the features of the product within a fleeting glimpse. In the era of online and digital marketing, the outdoor advertisement has not lost its space and the companies are becoming much concerned in this field. The major reason for such concern for the companies, as per Dickens (2012 pp.365), is that this form of advertisement portrays a larger than life conditioning of the product resulting into a detailed perception of it among the consumers.

However Hutton and Fosdick (2011 pp.236) thinks that the outdoor advertisement is efficient whenever, the billboards are placed very close to each other and the commuters are exposed to the rows of displays within meagre timeframe. Thus the outdoor advertisement definitely encourages the attractiveness of the product and even affects the consumption behaviour of the consumers. Janiszewska and Insch (2012 pp.149) have notified that the large illustration of the products pass to create the band image in the mind of the audience and naturally the unconscious acts in the conformist way to the brand.  It is evident that the outdoor advertisement not only increases the amount of attractiveness but also encourages the customer retention and brand loyalty of the consumers. Innovative and informative outdoor ads thus, according to Makasi (2014 pp.246), appear as the basic key to promotional activities.

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