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The essay is an examination of the various sorts of communication abilities that are critical for effective communication. Given the situation, Mary, who is trying to expand her Australian-based firm in China Market, is prepared for her first-ever meeting with the management of a popular Chinese retailer. Mary wants the meeting to be successful in order to get the most out of it, which necessitates the need to communicate properly. As a result, Mary should practice her communication abilities as outlined in the article.

The Chinese culture is different from that of the western culture or the culture of any another nation like Australia. As per the research conducted in the Chinese etiquette, the particular principle of “Saving face” is a building block of Chinese culture that needs to be inculcated by Mary (Seth, 2016). This refers to the act of avoiding any type of conflict and preserving the dignity of the other people that is Mr. La here. While carrying out conversation the habit of jumping into conversation must be avoided by Mary. The Chinese prefer silence and peace while conversing unlike other western culture where there is no pause within any conversation that includes the instant answer. In the Chinese Culture if one question is asked then it is expected to keep a pause till the other person does not answer. A bad impression may fall if Mary does control her way of general conversation in the meeting with Mr. La. There should be no political discussion while carrying out general, light discussion over the dining table in the

meeting. The Chinese have a superstition regarding numbers. For example, four is a negative omen for them, however eight is a positive omen (Islam, 2017).
In oral communication, gestures and manners are actually quite important in managing things or marring the self-representation to any differently cultured person who may have an impact on the business. Language is undoubtedly a problem, but it may be overcome by employing a skilled Chinese translator (Pang, 2015). Mary would benefit greatly from having a private interpreter in order to converse more effectively. The interpreter not only translates the words literally for you, but also interprets the expression of the words, which is the true meaning of the dialogue. Furthermore, English is not a highly fantasied language.

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