Affiliate brings to you an exclusive affiliate program. Promote our services on your website, blog or through any online channel and earn 10 percent commission on each order.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a unique program through which the affiliated parties get rewarded for their marketing effort. All they need to do in this case, is, refer and redirect their web visitors to
You can become an affiliate with zero investment. You just have to sign-up with the following details:
• Name
• Phone Number
• Email Id
Once done with the sign-up, you receive a confirmation email from affiliate service. We then provide you with the code to be implemented to promote our site. You don’t even need a large email list to become our affiliate. This program gives you a steady commission earning opportunity by simply using free social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, apart from web pages and blogs.

How do you receive the payment?

The affiliate program of works on ‘pay per order’ mechanism. For every order generated through your referral link, you receive flat 10 percent commission on the total order amount. Your commission is credited to your affiliate account and you can redeem the money once your total commission value exceeds $100.
Simultaneously, another 5 percent of the order amount is credited in your student wallet. You can adjust this amount with your next assignment order with us.

Benefits of joining our affiliate program:

• 10 percent commission on every order (on total amount) made through your affiliate link
• Unlimited earning potential
• Fast & reliable payment option
• Real-time and accurate sales tracking.

Terms and Conditions of affiliate program:

• Anyone can become an affiliate as long as they use ethical marketing methods to promote our services. We do NOT tolerate anyone promoting our services via unsolicited email marketing (or spam). Additionally, you must also not promote our services via sites or use any marketing method that contains offensive content.
• will no way be held responsible if you refer your affiliate link to people with devices that do not allow cookies necessary to give you affiliate credit. Same will be the case if they already have another affiliate’s cookies on their system.
•, under certain unavoidable circumstances, has to refund the full order amount to a respective customer. If you have received a commission for this particular order, the paid commission will be deducted from your affiliate account.
• Consult the Affiliate Resource Center to know which products and services are eligible for commission.
• If an affiliate has not received any commission for more than six months, his existing commission will be forfeited.
• Commission cannot be made on products purchased with one’s own affiliate link.
• affiliates are paid through PayPal only.
• Lastly, affiliates who attempt to violate or circumvent our rules and regulations will not receive their commission and will be banned from subsequent participation in the affiliate program.
For any query or questions, you can reach us at