Task 1

Our organisation

ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN ASSIGNMENT HELPBang the Drum creative is one of the famous Advertising companies and the offices of the advertising company is present in Australia but the regional office is situated in Auckland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The company is performing very well and it can be considered as one of the fast growing companies and the company have almost 300 employees. The Company have most effective creative team and it includes web designers, graphic designers, voiceover artists and video editors

My role

The role of a customer relationship manager is to deal with the management team and at the same time proper dealing with the client. Before dealing the client it is important to develop the creative brief because it will help the CRM to develop the advertising campaign. Apart from that CRM also plays most vital role to make proper coordination with the client. In case of making most effective budget and schedule CRM plays one of the major roles.

My client

Main client of Bang the Drum creative is the Australian Hardware Ltd. It is one of the best companies and has a good reputation for their huge hardware markets and quality in the home improvement.



Australian Hardware Ltd is client of the Bang the Drum creative company. They have almost 138 stores nationally and have almost 10,000 employees who perform their role in various departments. Australian Hardware Ltd focuses mainly in the home renovation and improvement business and they have a huge market for hardware products. The business plan and the marketing plan of AH were actually developed in the year of 2013 but due to the huge range of  business and market factor the company could not able to perform or act according to the requirements. All the statistics that are created for the organisation was very relevant and with the help of this business plan and market plan they can experience some growth. The growth was not as expected.


Main product of the Australian Hardware Ltd is home fittings and various kind of hardware product.

Key observations

From current scenario it can be suggested that competitions and opportunities in the hardware DIY market are growing rapidly therefore it creates more opportunities for home renovation. Another thing that is observed that home renovation or reconstruction reality TV show actually inspired customer to update their homes. Hence, Australian Hardware Ltd hire Bang the Drum creative companies staffs to make proper advertisements and visit home renovators to sort out any kind of problems.

Consumer insight

  • Product of Australian Hardware is reliable and quality wise is better.
  • They have huge market space
  • Australian Hardware is one of the trusted and well known companies.

Communication objectives

  • It is  important to capture the  previous customer  who have  gone
  • Australian Hardware  company encourages  new customer to increase  their market
  • They also make some engagement with DIY home renovators to help that entire customer who wants to transform their homes.


Australian Hardware Company not just provides the tools and job in appropriate price for their customer has also provided right tradie.


It is one of the Australian local brands and has huge reputation in the market.


Almost every kind of customer such as entire customer who watches TV home renovation show and all those people in between 35-50 years old. Apart from that all those people who has medium income, single income and double income can afford this kind of services,

Current brand

The company provide their product in lowest and appropriate price.

Equity (rational)

All the products and services are provided by the company is in the right price.

Desired brand equity (rational)

Customer will definitely satisfied with their performance as because all the staff of AH is extremely efficient.

Current brand equity (emotional)

All the customer is satisfied with the performance of AH ltd

Desired brand equity (emotional)

Most of the customer gets satisfied with   the performance of AH therefore they can trus the Australian Hardware ltd

Mandatory requirements


Plan 1-4 months 4-8 months 8-12 months
actual campaign


Total amount of budget is $6 million

Preferred advertising channels

Most preferred advertising medium is the TV, Radio, Online, Social media


  • Main purpose of the advertising is to increase the customer base and to increase the   market share.
  • It is very important for any organisation to clarify all these   areas which can create difficulties at the time of making advertisement. Therefore proper justification and explanation need to be mentioned.
  • According to the concept of quantifiable measurement it can be suggested that with the help of  this kind of approaches it is possible to outline all those objective  that can increase  proper  camping
  • It is very important to identify the entire internal and external factor which can change the overall scenario in order to make proper advertising campaign is very important to make some different internal and external factor which can develop the marketing strategy.
  • In order to make proper advertising campaign it is very important to determine all those factor by which it become possible to attract maximum number of audience. Apart from that is also important to identify the requirements of the customer.
  • At the time of advertising campaigning another thing that need to be maintained is the legal and ethical requirements. All this  approaches  need  to be  focused in proper manner so that any kind of unpleasant situation can be avoided

Task 2

Prepare the advertising budget

The main purpose of the advertising campaign is to attract major number of people and therefore the campaign procedure is organise in four different ways and that are

  • Demographic

From the concept of demographic process it can be suggested that the advertising company focuses on different age group of people.  According to the concept of demographic structure it can be suggested that it will depends over the religion, believe and many more. Here the focus age group is 35-50 years old customers. It is because between this age group people are specific about the choice and this kind of home renovation advertising will attract those entire customer.

  • Psychographic     

According to the concept of Psychographic it can be suggested that is actually depends over the individual’s personality, opinions, values etc. Apart from that from the concept Psychographic  it can be also be suggested that it is one of the qualitative methodology  that are used to  design the customer’s psychological approaches. Therefore at the time of maintaining proper advertisement it  need to be specify and  identify all those  customer who actually follow new trends and at the same  time  they actually want to  modify and renovate their homes. The main focus of this advertising campaign is to attract this customer (Mukherjee & Jansen 2014). Apart from that another target audience of this kind of advertising campaign is to attract young generation because usually young generation love to adopt new trends.

  • Geographic

According to the geographic advertising marketing concept it can be suggested that advertising campening is also dependent over the geographical region. In some cases it can be seen that the environment is extremely adverse is some spaces and the communication medium is very low on those area. Therefore it is   difficult for any kind of advertising company to attract these people. Apart from that the advertising campaign is mainly conducted and focuses on those people where environment is pleasant and easy communication is possible. With the help of advertising campaign it becomes possible to attract the customer and convince them to renovate their homes.

  • Behavioural

According to  the  behavioural trends  of customer  it can  be  suggested  that  taste  of  different customer is different and it depends on various factor such as their age, social background, environment. In most of the cases it can also be seen that buying trends is different of financially stable customer than a financially week customer. In case of this advertising campaign the company focuses on those people who are capable to perform home renovation practices and can afford the expenses (Hughes, Zhang & Maginnis 2014). Therefore at the time of making the advertising campaign the advertising company needs to clarify cost and expense so that customer can make clear decision. Apart from that social background and environment background is also related with the buying   behavior of the customer. Therefore advertising campaign of the company is mainly focuses on that customer who can adopt new things and has good taste.


The main promise of  Australian Hardware Ltd  that are presented in the advertising campaign is  Australian hardware company not just provide the  tools and job in appropriate price  for their  customer hay also  provide right tradie.

The Message

Main message that are conveyed by the advertising campaigns is to attract the target audience and increase the market share.  Apart from that another thing that needs to be focuses of the messages is the brand value so that it became possible to increase customer base.


  1. 1. Research resources
  •   Market and customer research
  •    SWOT analysis
  •    Benchmarking of  the  business
  •    competitive advantage
  •    Licensing and regulations research
  1. Creative resources
  • Designers
  • Social media experts
  • Planners
  •  Producers
  • Artists
  1. Production resources
  • Editors
  • Advertising (digital, print and TV)
  • Social
  • Experiential & Events
  • Print


1.In order to maintain proper campaigns it is very important for Australian Hardware to identify all those components by which it is possible to perform proper campaigns. In order to maintain proper campaigning is TV, Radio, and Newspaper. Magazine and social media and in store promotion plays most important role. With the help of TV and social media it is possible to reach out maximum number of people (Laferté et al. 2015). With the help of newspaper and magazine it is also possible to connect with certain number of people. All this components plays an important role for making a successful campaign for Australian Hardware Ltd.

2.In order to make  proper  advertising campening it is very important for any advertising company to check and identify all  the resources  that  play  most important  role in order  to organise  the  campaign in proper manner and at the same it will help in the time of budgeting. In case of Australian Hardware Ltd’s campaigning promotion all this resources play some effective roles and that are Market and customer research, SWOT analysis, Benchmarking of the business (Karande, Jiang  & Zhu 2014). Some creative resource is Designers, Social, and Experiential & Events. Some production resource that plays another important part in case of organising advertising campening is Editors, Social, and Experiential & Events.


                       Item                              Cost

  1. ABC HD
  2. SBS
  3. ABC News





  1. 2JJJ
  2. 2PNN
  3. 1ART





  1. Architecture Australia
  2. Art and Australia
  3. Arena  Magazine





  1. The Australian
  2. The  weekly  Times
  3. Koori  Mali





4.                  The Australian

5.                  The  weekly  Times

6.                  Koori  Mali





Social media

  1. Facebook
  2. Tumblr
  3. Twitter







In-store promotions

  1. Promotion  through  print  media
  2. Online advertising
  3. Point of  sell





  1. Table discount
  2. Cash  discount
  3. Promotional discount
Agency Fees$600,000.00
Total Spend$6000,000.00

Task 3

Develop an advertising schedule

1.In order to make campening bang the Drum Creative advertising company maintaining proper scheduling to organise the camping in   proper manner.  From the time line it can be suggested in the very first stage the advertising focuses on planning part. In this  part or  in this population  the company  actually  create  some  planning  ion which way  the  total campening will  go through . after  that they  focuses on  the research part and  in this stage the advertising  company  mainly research all the things that are associated with the organisation (Hsu et al. 2015). Create some Swot analysis, benchmark analysis. After that the next part is creative scheduling and in this part the advertising company use their graphics designer, web designer to create some creative design.

2.From the mentioned time line it can be suggested that the advertising company perform   their task in some specific manner and the company actually schedule their task with appropriate time period.  From  the time line  it can be suggested that for  making a  pre-planning  the advertising  company  acquired  almost 3 months in  this  three months they also performed  every kind of research which will the advertising company to make some critical analysis about  the organisation (Tremblay, Tremblay & Isariyawongse,  2013).

3.In order to make proper campaigning the advertising company uses some service provider and they play major role in case of making campening   program successful. In order to develop  the advertising campening more  attractive  Bang the Drum Creative advertising company uses  their  web  designer,  graphics designer, video editors because with the help of this service provider  they can design their campaigning  program very attractively (Najafi,  Valavi & Alahyari, 2014).). Apart from  ht  in order  to   organise this  kind of campaigning programming  various  kind  of  legal  complexity can arise therefore to avoid  this  kind of  legal  obligations   they also used  some  professionals  who can handle this.

  1.  In  order  to  maintain proper scheduling in  proper manner the advertising  company also  use e all the components which are used  to make  the  advertising campaign  more attractive. In order to reach maximum amount of people the advertising company uses social media and TV channels so that they can make proper apple for the customer. Apart from that by maintaining this scheduling it will help the company to make some effective and realistic budget according to the expanse rate

5.According to the objective it can be suggested that it is very important for any organisation to clarify all these areas which can create difficulties at the time of making advertisement. Therefore proper justification and explanation need to be mentioned. Apart from that it can be suggested that with the help of this kind of approaches it is possible to outline those entire objective that can increase proper camping. In order to make proper advertising campaign it is very important to determine all those factor by which it become possible to attract maximum number of audience. Apart from that is also important to identify the requirements of the customer (Tucker, 2014). Apart from the target audience group it can also be suggested that with the help of this advertising campening almost 35-50 years old age group people get attracted. Apart from that it can also be suggested  that with   the  help of  advertising camping  it is  possible  to target all those  customer  who want new things and love  to  makeover  their  homes.


From the discussion it can be suggested that Bang the Drum Creative advertising company is going to organise an advertise camping for the Australian Hardware Ltd.  In order to make the advertising campening successful the compound plane different kind of activity and select specific customer group so that they can focus specifically. Apart from that in order to increase the customers the organisation uses different kind of media to reach maximum amount of people.

Media scheduling

Type of AdvertisingCostMedia (Program/section of Print)TimingReachFrequency
ABC HD$600,000.00Sport event6pmNational2 times


2 times
ABC News$400,000.00News10am- 10pmNational5  times


$200,000.00Talk show4pmNational1 times
1ART$400,000.00Voiceover  drama7pmNational1 times
1ART$400,000.00Promotional event8 amNational2 times
Social Media





Promotional event

Full dayworldwideFull day
Tumblr$100,000.00Promotional eventFull dayworldwideFull day
Twitter$100,000.00Promotional eventFull dayworldwideFull day
Architecture Australia$200,000.00AdvertisementOnce in a dayNationalweekly
The weekly  Times$100,000.00AdvertisementOnce in a dayNationalQuarterly
Koori  Mali$201,000.00AdvertisementOnce in a dayNationalQuarterly
Other (Events, etc)
Promotion  through  print  media$200,000.00AdvertisementOnce in a dayNationalweekly
Online advertising$100,000.00AdvertisementweeklyNationalQuarterly
Point of  sell



Reference list

  • Hsu, J. K., Hui, V. W. N., Frantz, J. C., & Pang, E. C. K. (2015). U.S. Patent Application No. 14/734,473.
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  • Tucker, C. E. (2014, September). Social networks, personalized advertising, and privacy controls. American Marketing Association.

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